Zeal & Ardor debut intense new song ‘Run’


It’s been a provocative, stimulating 18 months for black metal blues alchemists, Zeal & Ardor.

Channelling the energy from this profound period of reflection into writing new music, Zeal & Ardor offer a first hint towards their forthcoming, self-titled third album, debuting portentous, intense new song, ‘Run’.

Zeal & Ardor’s thoughtful frontman Manuel Gagneux elaborates, “Run is the first single we are releasing off of our self-titled album because, while there are definitely familiar elements present, it sets the tone for things to come. It is surely one of our most aggressive songs yet, but that is just a vanguard of what lies ahead. So run while you still can.”

Listen to ‘Run’  here.

Acclaimed second album, ‘Stranger Fruit’, was released by MVKA in 2018, following the global attention-getting debut, ‘Devil Is Fine’. Last October, the band shared a striking, standalone 6-track EP, ‘Wake Of A Nation’.

Stay tuned for more information soon.