Yur Mum – Tropical Fuzz


The second album from London-based Brazilian duo Yur Mum is their first as a two-piece and also marks their signing to the reactivated Chapter 22 Records, an iconic label best remembered in the mid to late 80’s for launching the likes of Balaam & The Angel, The Mission and Dawn After Dark amongst others. Consisting of vocalist and bassist Anelise Kunz and drummer Fabio Couto, the band have toured consistently since 2016 including dates with New Model Army back at the end of 2019.

It’s easy to imagine Yur Mum being a good fit on a bill with any of the aforementioned back in the day, they possess an in-your-face energy and vitality to their sound that immediately makes you sit up and take notice from the moment opening number ‘Banana Republic’ kicks in. Musically they hover somewhere over basic punk, grunge and classic rock without being confined to a single genre, and for a duo they make one hell of a fuzz-soaked racket, all buzzsaw riffs and pounding rhythms. That the album is able to move seamlessly from the two minute jackhammer assault of ‘Sweatshop’ to the dark and brooding ‘Black Rainbow’ evidences their desire to push the band into new territories and will no doubt reward them with an increased fanbase as regular touring resumes.

Tropical Fuzz is available now via Chapter 22 Records, for more on Yur Mum head over to https://www.yurmum.com/home. Look out for an interview with Yur Mum here at MR in the coming weeks and catch them on tour very soon at grassroots venues across the country.



Banana Republic

Tropical Fuzz

Kiss and Tell

Did Deep


Black Rainbow


Je Ne Sais Pas

Happy Mantra 2020

Rio ’69