Your Protected – EP


Review by Jason Guest

All the way from sunny South Wales, Your Protected brings to us their eponymous debut EP, six post-rock instrumentals comprised of meaty riffs, intense drums, ambient textures and plenty of memorable hooks woven into its fabric. The melodic bass and the textured, multi-layered guitars blur the distinction between lead and rhythm so that together they become as one, the drums underpinning the soundscape with both drive and coloured phrasing. The tracks are well structured, solid and heavy when they need to be, and subtly nuanced and intricate in the details. The subtle intros reach ever higher into the deepening blue throughout the songs until they explode into ambient elation. Suffice it to say that the musicianship is accomplished in the sense that the band knows their capabilities and work within them to challenge their own boundaries to produce music that is much broader than the confines of a vocal-lead band. In fact, a vocalist would do much to harm this EP. There are a couple of things that do let this EP down, however. First, the artwork and band logo don’t come close to representing the music. And second is the mix. At times, the drums disappear beneath the waves of effects and heavy riffs. A real shame because Michael’s accomplished drum skills deserves to be heard. But these minor flaws are negligible because Your Protected is a great band that you should keep an eye out for.

8 out of 10

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Track Listing:

  1. Cordyceps
  2. Do The Trapeze
  3. Dark White
  4. Bright Black
  5. Adventure Song
  6. Help Is on The Way