Wormrot + Atomck + Merciless Precision + Death Tripper + Gets Worse @ Asylum 2, Birmingham – Sunday 3 June 2012


Review by Chop and photos by Mike Ruff

With the Diamond Jubilee weekend in full swing there were two obvious choices. Bedeck yourself in red, white, and blue, get a good brolly, and have a true East End style knees up. Extreme metal fans however went for option two, a pilgrimage to the Asylum 2 to witness a relentless assault on the senses by five grindcore bands. Patriotic as I may be, there was only one sensible choice for the Chopmeister…

Before the band by band analysis a quick word about tonight’s co-promoters seems in order. Regular attendees of extreme metal gigs, or indeed the Asylum or Scruffy’s, should already know about Heretic and Sirius. If you’re new to the scene, or don’t get out and about much, and are looking for a gig to attend, I’d strongly recommend checking out these guys pages first. Ever reliable and at sensible prices you can’t go far wrong. Finally a special thanks to Mike for supplying the accompanying photos at such short notice!

Without further ado, to the bands! Gets Worse set the tone for the evening. After a sludgy opening they packed plenty into a blistering fifteen minute stint. Vocal duties were shared between the drummer and bass player – gutturals and shrieks respectively – to accompany the short, sharp blasts of musical violence that were pitched somewhere between punk, crust, and Dream Death style sludge. All in all they provided a satisfyingly brutal opening to the evening’s entertainment.

Set list: ‘No Fuss’, ‘Kill Shot’, ‘Cheapass Weekend’, ‘Armchair Activist’, ‘Ready For The Weakening’, ‘Toothless’, ‘Straight-Up Scronthin’, ‘Beyond Words’, ‘Liquor Lobotomy’.

Death Tripper opted for the ‘quiet before the storm’ approach, the relative subtlety (and I use the word loosely) of their intro being shattered suddenly by a no frills grind assault. Their frontman managed one song on stage before joining the massed ranks to direct the crowd’s mood more closely. It worked, as the first serious pit activity erupted shortly afterwards. There on in blast after blast of more directly punk-infused grind ensued, with the massive beatdowns being particularly well received.

Set list: ‘I Digress’, ‘Lost’, ‘Forego’, ‘Digging’, ‘Blame’, ‘Kersed’, ‘New’, ‘Corpse’, ‘Down And Out’.

When a band’s frontman utilises the phrase “Come on you cunts!” as his opening address you know exactly what’s coming, and sure enough Merciless Precision didn’t disappoint. Both guitarists set up off stage, whilst the vocalist checked the length of his mic cable to confirm just how far he could maraud through the crowd (past the bar being the answer for curious souls..). Clearly they’d brought a loyal following with them, as the pit activity increased in ferocity exponentially. Musically they weren’t much of a departure from what had preceded them, their half hour set mixing Napalm Death style seconds long ‘epics’ with lengthier batterings still well under the two minute mark. Not for those of a nervous disposition (oddly enough)…

Set list: ‘Involuntary’, ‘Falcon Kick Abortion’, ‘Dibnahcore’, ‘Chop Chop’ [famous as last!], ‘Enough’, ‘Captain Spaulding’, ‘Fat Girl, White Leg’, ‘Bloated With Semen’, ‘Liam Neesoned’, ‘Maddie’s Fucking Dead’, ‘Mud Skin’, ‘Crusty Seconds’, ‘Noel Edmonds Is A C*nt’, ‘Human Abattoir’, ‘Scum Junkie’, ‘Bleed Us Dry’, ‘Burn, Maim, Kill’, ‘Get In The Back Of The Van’.

Atomck continued the onslaught with another savage set reminiscent of Fetus Christ but without the stoner references. Highlight of the set was the frontman’s introduction to ‘Midget Death Riddle’ – “this one’s based on a true story” – which raised more than a chuckle or two in the crowd. Not much more to add, other than their twenty minutes on stage seemed to be over in no time, and they were admirably tight as a band.

Set list: ‘Desert Blast’, ‘Thatcher’, ‘Horseflies’, ‘Continuity Pawn’, ‘FBT’, ‘Big Shit’, ‘Micro’, ‘Trutnov’, ‘Human Wrongs’, ‘Midget Death Riddle’, ‘Infinite Sport’, ‘Whitewashed’, ‘Doubledipshit’.

There are many words to describe Wormrot‘s performance but clinical or surgical come as close as any. Having witnessed their fury at Deathfest 2 in Leeds a couple of years ago my level of expectation was ridiculously high. Amazingly, they exceeded it. And then some… Twenty three songs, all delivered ferociously, in a maelstrom of a set that lasted a shade under half an hour. Utterly devastating. Totally compelling. When are they next touring? On the rare occasions when they did slow things down from warp factor the power they generated was jaw dropping. All of these previous observations were reflected in the brutality of the pit. Without question this was the most brutal display of pitting ever witnessed at this venue, rivalling the mayhem of a Napalm Death or Bolt Thrower pit. And to cap it all, the Asylum 2 had it’s first ever crowd surfer during the encore. If grindcore’s your thing then Wormrot are about as good as it gets. If you haven’t seen them before do everything in your power to see them as soon as humanly possible.

Set list (apologies for the song titles I didn’t manage to decipher!): ‘Left To Rot’, “Loathsome Delusions’, “One Round Away’, ‘Semiconscious Godsize Dumbass’, ‘Outburst Of Annoyance’, ‘Exterminate’, ‘Erased Existence’, ‘Retarded Collisions’, ‘False Assumptions’, ‘A Dead Issue’, ‘public Display Of Infection’, ‘Song 4 – Gangster’, ‘Spot A Pathetic’, ‘Set To Kill’, ‘Breed To Breed’, ‘Evolved Into Nothing’, ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Critical Human Stupidity’, ‘Song 2 – Dbeat’, ‘Song 1 – Slow’, ‘Compulsive Disposition’.

Encore: ‘41010’, ‘Manipulation’.


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