World Terror Committee: Entartung + Tortorum


W.T.C.Productions_LogoReview by Jason Guest

Yep, more stuff from German label World Terror Committe has come our way. Of course, if you want to hear more from W.T.C., you can check out more from the label on their website or give them a listen over on Soundcloud.

In the meantime though, we’ve got the second albums from German duo Entartung and Norwegian trio Tortorum. And so, you know what they say, if music be the food of hate, play on…

Entartung – Peccata Mortalia

Entartung’s début, Krypteia (reviewed here), was nothing short of black metal brilliance. A blatant attack against those that continue to flood the black metal scene with mediocrity, it was an uncompromising blast of blackened grandeur steeped in the spirit of the early-90s. Almost two years later and Entartung have returned with their second album, Peccata Mortalia, the band as vicious as they were on their début, they have become something much bigger, much darker, and much more powerful.

Accessibility is not a concern for this band and so each track demands repeat listens, independently and in the context of the album. Bookended by ‘Der Hölle Herr’ and ‘Yawm ad-Din’, two cold piano pieces tainted by deep, dark voices that chillingly enclose this unforgiving and grotesque album, Lykormas and Vulfolaic have crafted a work where not a note, not a beat, and not a word are bereft of meaning or purpose. With four of the eight tracks clocking in at over seven minutes, it’s the epic ‘To Conquer Immortality In The Depths’ – an absolute colossus of a track that clocks in at just one second shy of the twelve-minute mark – where, if proof were needed, the band truly prove their mettle. To sustain black metal might for such length is a challenge, to say the least, but with an elaborate and intricately detailed track that never falters, Entartung outshine the best.

The production, the musicianship, the writing, the dynamic control, the attention to detail, its atmospheres, and the album’s structure, this is an album of equals, of unity, one where, alone, all of its parts stand tall and the sum is all the greater. If you want black metal at its best, Pecatta Mortalia is it.

Entartung - Peccata Mortalia9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Der Hölle Herr
  2. Blasphemaverit In Spiritum Sanctum
  3. Out Of Darkness Into Light
  4. Faith On The Scaffold
  5. Cimmerian Shade
  6. To Conquer Immortality In The Depths
  7. The Law Of The Claw
  8. Yawm ad-Din


Tortorum – Katabasis

When listening to Tortorum’s second album, Katabasis, the first name that comes to mind is Watain pre-The Wild Hunt. But that’s no bad thing; there are worse bands to be compared to after all. Yet while there are a few similarities (at surface level) to the that Swedish horde, Tortorum’s own voice is clearly audible and like its predecessor, 2012’s Extinctionist (tracks from which are featured in the player above), there is not a bad track on Katabasis.

Something mystical and sinister resonating in its cryptic atmosphere, ‘Descensus’ is the gateway into the black majesty of ‘The Great Appetence’, the starting point from which the album continues to improve. The cold intro to ‘In Nameless NonBeing’ is compounded by the relentless battery of the track proper, its savagery bleeding through the album as each track, if not improving on the last, fortifies the album’s overall impact. So while tracks such as ‘Severance and Perseverance’ and ‘As The Light Falls To Slaughter’ are concentrated hatred, ‘In Nameless NonBeing’ and ‘Open Wide The Gates Of Chaos’, serve more to uphold the band’s black metal credentials. But as with most albums of this ilk, it’s the two epic tracks – the near-eight minute ‘Attributions To The Dead’ and the ten-minute closer, ‘Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun’ – where the band distinguish themselves and demonstrate what they really can do. A well-balanced album, Katabasis may not be wholly original but it’s one that doesn’t disappoint.

Tortorum - Katabasis7.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Descensus
  2. The Great Appetence
  3. In Nameless NonBeing
  4. Severance And Perseverance
  5. As The Light Falls To Slaughter
  6. Into The Sixth Coil
  7. Open Wise The Gates Of Chaos
  8. Attributions To The Dead
  9. Beyond The Earth And Air And Sun