World Terror Committee: Acherontas + Paria


Reviews by Jason Guest

W.T.C.Productions_LogoGerman label World Terror Committee – owned by Sven Zimper of Hellfucked, Luror, Wolfsmond, and the infamous NSBM band Absurd – have long been polluting the atmosphere with the blackest and bleakest of the black and the bleak from the underground. With a few releases already reviewed here at Midlands Rocks – Flagellant’s Maledictum, Thy Darkened Shade’s Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs, Entartung’s Krypteia, and Horna’s Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa – here we take a look at two more black metal terrors from the label. First up is Amenti, the fourth album from Greece’s Acherontas and next, it’s Surrealist Satanist, the third full length from Germany’s Paria. Such fun…

Acherontas – Amenti

After the now-compulsory atmospheric intro, this one lead by an evil Cathedral organ, the black metal barrage of Acherontas’ fourth full length album Amenti unfolds. Like 2011’s Vamachara, this album bears a distinctly ritualistic and ceremonial feel that elevates their art to the level of devotion. While the guitar/drums/scowling vocal-based tracks combine the face-tearing and punishing with the slower and moodier passages, shifting between fire-blasted riffs, razored arpeggios and the blackly melodic and torturous, it’s the atmospheric and ambient aspects that give this album its sinister complexity and intensity. In employing lush Egyptian atmospherics and ominous spoken word passages, with tracks such as ‘Nebt-Het – Divulgence of Her Sacral Temples’, ‘Dissolution (In The Sands Ov Time)’, ‘Wines of Blood & Pestilence’, and closing track ‘Πανσεληνος “Vocatio Ultima”’, the alchemical and ritualistic aesthetic of these tracks make the album a much more menacing experience. It’s as if the raw and primitive fiery riffs act as a wall of fire through which the listener must persevere in order to prove themselves worthy of the truths within. The instrumentation, the ritualistic chants and the ethereal sounds are beautifully crafted into labyrinthine layers and structures with more to them than they at first reveal. Like all of their previous works, Amenti sees Acherontas moving ever onward in their own unique direction and producing music that is remarkable. Highly recommended.

Acherontas – Amenti7.5 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Voluntas Supra Materiam “Vocatio Prima”
  2. Amenti – The Lamp Ov The Desert
  3. The Stele Ov The Last Conjuration
  4. Nebt-Het – Divulgence of Her Sacral Temples
  5. Set Triumphant – Nubti
  6. Dissolution (In The Sands Ov Time)
  7. Wines of Blood & Pestilence
  8. Erset La Tari The Red Temple
  9. Πανσεληνος “Vocatio Ultima”

Paria – Surrealist Satanist

It took Germany’s Paria thirteen years to release their first full-length, 2008’s Vermin Race. With that album they made it abundantly clear what they understood black metal to be. for them, no boundaries would be pushed nor would they challenged, simply because they didn’t need to be. For Paria, the serrated edges and ferocious and unforgiving nature of black metal was deep and dark enough to provide all for their vicious aesthetic. Like 2010’s Unchain The Unclean continued in that vein, their third album Surrealist Satanist sees Paria remaining true to the roots established as far back as their early demos such as The Black Magic Holocaust Tunes and Worship Bloodshed. Not a ground-breaking album by any stretch of the imagination, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective. This is more a nostalgic black metal record, a homage to the genre’s early days when it had yet to be sullied by countless copyists. Yep, this is about as kvlt as you can get without being a Norwegian from the 90s and Paria are clearly happy to dwell in the recesses of black metal’s origins and produce material that maintains more than moves the genre in any direction other than inwards.

Paria – Surrealist Satanist6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Psychonautikkch Paradigma
  2. Surrealist Satanist
  3. The Green Angels Of Obscurity
  4. Wormlike Proselitysm
  5. (Behold) The Face Of The Timeless Usher
  6. Sodomsphinx
  7. Oceans Of Spermwhite Solitude