Wömit Angel – Maggotmouth


Spreading the disease…

Review by Jason Guest

Inverse Records

Release date: 6 February 2015

Finnish Satanic sodomists Wömit Angel are back with a three track release that is as unremitting and unforgiving as we’ve come to expect. A putrid piss bucket brimming in buggery and blasphemy, Maggotmouth sees the band spewing out more violence and vitriol as ever. Three tracks in seven and a half minutes, it’s just savage riffs, brutal beats, and slavering, vomit-gargling vocals, their ruthless barbarity gouging out every orifice of that feeble and fetid frame you dare to inhabit. Thoroughly sickening and utterly revolting, if you enjoyed the Christ-buggering battery you got from 2010’s Sodomatik Rites Of I.N.R.I. and 2014’s Holy Goatse (reviewed here), Maggotmouth is right up your back passage. Spread the disease.

Womit Angel - Maggotmouth20158 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Maggotmouth
  2. Children of Moon
  3. King-SM (2014)