WMN: self-titled is to be re-released by DIE DAS DER on CD on 8 February 2019


Release: WMN: self-titled


Format: CD/Download

Release Date: 8 February 2019

The Black Country birthed heavy rock. It’s the cradle from which it all came. The heritage of the region is strong, loud and both an inspiration and a challenge. Your going to make heavy music in the Black Country? Then you’d better do your elders proud. WMN (originally ‘Women’ – the name was shortened to avoid confusion with the defunct and very different Canadian band) were also born, raised and forged in the Black Country – you can hear it oozing from their riffs and their beats – and they carry the torch with confidence and aplomb.

The two-piece recorded their debut album with producer Jimm Zorn in Wolverhampton, at the Black Country Recording Company throughout 2017 and into 2018. Self-releasing it just weeks before that studio (which was also their rehearsal space) tragically burnt to the ground – taking with it their instruments and their entire stock of CDs.

DIE DAS DER have worked with Jimm and the band to remaster the album, and re-release it on CD.

From the opening riff of ‘Electric Bath Attendant’ to the closing strains of ‘Frwll’ this album is a 30 minute ride through a dark landscape of fire and brutality. It’s not a bleak journey though – there is deep joy to be found in the riffs, and the juxtaposition of fast, snortin’ punkers ‘Weep Now in The Mire’ and ‘Count As Female’ against the long stoner grooves of ‘Drowner’ and ‘52 Yrs An Imbecile’ is inspiring.

WMN are slowly putting the pieces back together, after the fire, and will be returning to stages around the UK early in 2019. For now, savour this album, it is from the Black Country; it is of the Black Country – the past, the present and the future. It is a dark, and storming 30 minutes of noise and emotion. Turn it up and infect all of your friends.

WMN: self-titled is re-releaed by DIE DAS DER on CD (in a 4-panel digipack) and Download on 8th February 2019. First 50 copies of the CD come with exclusive fabric patch.

Pre-order at: http://diedasder.bandcamp.com

Contact wearediedasder@gmail.com for an advance download

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