Winter In Eden – Echoes of Betrayal


Review by Dean Pedley

Winter In Eden are a female fronted symphonic metal quintet that hail from the North East, something that immediately sets them apart from the multitude of Nightwish clones that have emerged from Scandinavia over the past decade or so. Having built some momentum with 2009’s self financed At The Edge Of The World and their first full length release Awakening (2010), Echoes Of Betrayal is already attracting strong acclaim, something that we here at Midlands Rocks can most certainly endorse.

Aided by a compelling vocal performance from Vicky Johnson, Winter In Eden avoid the usual pitfalls associated with the genre by allowing enough room within the songs for muscular riffs and memorable hooks that succeed in sounding fresh and creative. Continuing the song cycle that was begun on the last album is chapters III, IV and V of “The Awakening”, subtitled “Torment”, “Regret” and “Descension” that is really the perfect example of what Winter In Eden are all about. Swirling keyboards courtesy of Steve Johnson provide the foundation for the exceptional guitar work of Samuel Cull together with Vicky’s prominent and rich delivery. The final instrumental chapter offers a glorious, uplifting, piano led arrangement against a backdrop of synthesized orchestration and military style percussion. Although this trilogy is the soar away highlight there are plenty of other moments to admire, namely the haunting emotion of “Eyes Of A Child” and dark and brooding “What We Leave Behind” and there is simply not a below par track to be found across the entire CD.

Winter In Eden certainly have the potential to achieve great things in the symphonic / gothic metal scene and prove to be genuine challengers to some of the mainland European artists. Catch Winter In Eden live here in the Midlands at Leamington Assembly on November 17th together with Karnataka.

Rated 8 out of 10