Winds Of Plague – Resistance


Review by Dan Perks

Century Media

Someone once told me an album is only as good as the booze you drink while listening to it. While this statement is utterly ridiculous I think I’ve found the perfect drinking accompaniment to Winds of Plague’s fourth full length release Resistance. Dead Crow beer is a mix of bourbon and beer, tasty and dangerously moreish. Resistance is the audio equivalent of Dead Crow: a mix of potent ingredients, moreish and utterly mind destroying in large volumes.

The album sets the scene with ‘Open The Gates’, a short album opener that begins like the theme from a monster’s ball. Imagine ghouls and goblins dancing round a majestic hall until the devil himself turns up drunk and gate-crashes the party. To signify the arrival of said gate-crasher, the song drops into a pummelling groove that pulls you into the anthemic line “Open the gates of Hell”. You could quite easily imagine the gates of the underworld parting and a mosh-pit of demons and the damned arriving at the previously formal affair.

For the next 30 minutes there is no let-up in the level of brutality purveyed by Wind of Plague. There are riffs a plenty throughout songs like ‘Sewer Mouth’ and ‘One Foot In The Grave’. Some have an uptempo hardcore feel while some have a sweeping death metal feel. Fusing the two are pounding beatdowns and energetic tempo changes. And songs like ‘United In Hatred’ are begging for you to scream along and I imagine live, it would be a huge crowd favourite.

The thing I love about this album is Winds of Plague haven’t tried to reinvent the hammer. It’s heavy and in your face without being overcomplicated or gimmick-laden. They have taken two solid elements of hardcore and death metal and fermented them perfectly. The result is a sledgehammer of an album that pulls you in, crushes your brain and then leaves you feeling like you’re at the end of a four day binge. So buy some Dead Crow, buy this album, turn it up, have a drink and go nuts.

Winds Of Plague – Resistance8 out of 10

 Track listing:

  1. Open The Gates
  2. Say Hello To The Undertaker
  3. Sewer Mouth
  4. Left For Dead
  5. One Foot In The Grave
  6. Time To Reap
  7. United Through Hatred
  8. Good Ol Fashioned Bloodbath
  9. No Man Is My Master
  10. Snake Eyes