Wilson – Full Blast Fuckery


…it has to be tongue in cheek, right?

Review by Mark Granger

New Damage Records

Release Date: 7 July 2014

Let’s establish the level here. One look at the band’s website and the first thing you see is the band’s logo emblazoned across a ladies high cropped t-shirt that shows a fair amount of underboob, also to navigate your way to the home page you click the link marked ‘Tits’. Add to this the fact that one song is called ‘College Gangbang’ and hell, the whole album is called Full Blast Fuckery. The one thing you shouldn’t expect from Wilson is hand wringing, emotionally intense songwriting. Wilson are fun, so let’s just take the ‘Tits’ thing as a Steel Panther style joke, yeah?

Musically, Wilson live somewhere between metal and the straight ahead filthy rock and roll of bands like Nashville Pussy, vocalist Chad Nicefield has one hell of a scream lurking in his lungs but can also carry a tune pretty successfully so the more abrasive edges of the record are soothed by the hooks that crop up regularly throughout the record. ‘My Life My Grave’ and ‘Passing On The Left’ are fun romps through riffy territory with the latter having the interesting inclusion of a Bon Jovi-esque ‘Woagh-Oh!’ chorus to throw you completely off centre. The ‘pop’ single comes in the form of the aforementioned ‘College Gangbang’ the perfect amalgamation of heavy riffs and AC/DC swagger complete with dubious lyrical content, again – it has to be tongue in cheek, right?

The album highlights occur when the band lean towards a much heavier direction which the band would excel at if they chose to follow that urge. The 45-second scream fest of ‘Viking Pussies Fuck Off’ is one excellent if brief example and ‘Susan Jane’ ( the closest the band get to the hand wringing, emotionally intense songwriting mentioned earlier) being another.

Although Full Blast Fuckery dips into clichéd metal moments at regular intervals there’s no denying that some of the songs on here are fantastic. Wilson may not change your life but they’ll certainly give you a good time trying.

Wilson - Full Blast Fuckery6 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. My Life My Grave
  2. Better Off (Strictly Doods)
  3. Passing on the Left
  4. College Gangbang
  5. Snake Eyes
  6. I Can Beat Your Dad
  7. Viking Pussies Fuck Off
  8. If You Ever Leave Me I Will Find You
  9. Susan Jane
  10. Live in Corpus Christ