Wildside Riot @ The Unicorn, Camden, London – 2 February 2013


Wildside Riot 2Review and Photos by Tosh Davies

With their album No Second Take hitting the shelves the previous Monday (Ed: you can read Tosh’s review here) and some gigs already under their belts, tonight was the official launch party, with ‘party’ being the word! Okay, so there was no cake or candles or dancing midgets – much to my dismay – but you get the picture. The Unicorn was awash with spandex, big hair and eyeliner, and that was just the guys.

Rocky Shades and his band of Midlands-based sleaze grinders soon get stuck right in and belt out some new tunes to get the packed out pub rocking. Rocky’s energy and enthusiasm is unrivaled, his vocals have matured well and remain strong. Kicking off with ‘All Hail The Wasted’ and ‘Wildside Riot’ it’s not long before Rocky delves into his deep dark past with some Wrathchild classics. ‘Trash Queen’ and ‘Stakk Attakk’ are given a new lease of life with the band and audience getting stuck into enjoying the night of new meets nostalgia. It’s not long before Rocky’s in the crowd and embracing the night of festivities. Damn! He certainly deserves it.

With the hair and beer flowing in equal quantities this crowd certainly seems already familiar with the new material, joining Rocky with vocal appreciation. Rounding off the night with ‘Nuklear Rokket’, all in attendance create an atmosphere that buzzes with live energy, an ingredient a lot of bands are envious of. Wildside Riot may not be breaking any new musical ground but they perform with such enthusiasm and energy you can’t dislike them. I base my gigs on how they make me feel, and tonight was pure FUN, a smile from ear to ear. And isn’t that the point of live music?

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