Wildside Riot – No Second Take


Review by Tosh Davies

If you grew up in the 80’s deciding which chick on the front cover of Poisons Look What The Cat Dragged In you and your mates wanted to fuck, no doubt you’ll be familiar with Wrathchild. The sleaze metal group fronted by the charismatic Rocky Shades filled the gap between Poison and Kiss with fashion tips from Judas Priest.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Rocky is back and he’s got one hell of a band along for the ride. Wildside Riot is exactly what you’d expect from the Godfather of Glam, sleaze ridden guitars, ripping solos like a bare-chested bitch on a greased-up pole. From the blues-soaked and raunchy ‘Candiis Gone Bad’ to the catchy chorus of ‘That’s What Sunday Mornings Are For’ the Riot boys have nailed it firmly on the head. Injecting some long lost ingredients of the past to a palette for today is a difficult thing to pull off, the gall and determination of Rocky Shades ensures that this Circus Maximus is achieved.  Surrounding himself with a band of trashy brother’s, lead six stringer Joss Riot, complemented by Jimmy Gunn ensure the twelve string attack is precise and punchy. The formidable rhythm section of Gaz Wilde’s drums and J.C.’s bass (Marty Maelstorm covering live duties) adds a solid colossal sound to proceedings which elevates and expresses the albums high production. With the sound of the Sunset Strip oozing out of every sweaty bandanna, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics come thick and fast like a Ron Jeremy pole goal.

Wildside Riot are hell bent on taking your woman backstage for some fretboard appreciation and getting her to lick their lovepumps. ‘No Second Take’ is an example of what you can achieve if you don’t give up; it’s the dirty, trashy party that scared your parents and left stains on the carpet. Rocky’s home; it’s been worth the wait. Uncompromising, unfashionable and unbelievably determined; we wouldn’t want it any other way.

8.5 out of 10

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Wildside Riot – No Second Take

Track List:

  1. All Hail The Wasted
  2. Wildside Riot
  3. Broken Toys
  4. Fukk Em
  5. Candiis Gone Bad
  6. That’s What Sunday Mornings Are For
  7. Babe I Gotta Go
  8. Angel On My Back
  9. My Paradise
  10. Glitter-Tramps
  11. Wasted Lust
  12. My Woman
  13. There Is A Bullet For Each Of You


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