When Reasons Collapse – Full of Lies


Review by Dan Perks

Founded in 2008 in Paris When Reasons Collapse are a female-fronted five piece that blend melodeath and deathcore. After releasing two self-produced EPs in 2010, the band released Full of Lies in 2011. Now the five piece have begun a new refocused push with the album now seeing a re-release.

The album opens with ‘Another Beginning’, a short instrumental intro. It’s the calm before the storm really, melodic guitars build and build before bursting into ‘Another End’. Instantly there is familiarity in this album. Influences of The Black Dahlia Murder and Carnifex are apparent, there’s a nice old school death metal vibe under the surface, and the vocals are reminiscent of Cephalic Carnage. This track sets the pace for the next six songs and Full of Lies is still a solid, well written album, each track fast paced and aggressive. While high points of the album include ‘Walkers in the Dark’ and ‘Wounded’, unfortunately there isn’t anything hugely ground-breaking about Full of Lies; it’s a bit melodeath by numbers with some frantic blast beats, solid heavy riffs and guttural to high vocals. But considering this album is almost two years old and self-produced it’s still a relevant and solid effort.

My one gripe with Full of Lies is actually a double edged sword. It’s too short. It’s a bit frustrating that just as the hooks are digging in, it seems to stop. But I guess that’s a compliment in a way, the desire to hear more of it must mean it’s getting my attention. Bearing in mind this EP was originally released almost two years ago, Full of Lies is a starting point for a promising band. If they could land themselves a record deal and some quality studio time they could easily be the next Black Dahlia Murder.

When Reasons Collapse – Full of Lies6.5  out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Another Beginning
  2. Another End
  3. Wounded
  4. Made of Stone
  5. Will to die
  6. Full of Lies
  7. Walkers in the Dark