WEAK13 front man immortalised in new thriller book.


nicktownsendreaperMusician Nick J Townsend of Midlands rock band WEAK13 appears in American apocalyptic thriller novel Reaping Sorrows

A NEWLY released American apocalyptic thriller novel includes Midlands musician Nick J Townsend who was written into the popular series.

Author Edward Gehlert has included the WEAK13 front-man in the second book of his Children of Enoch horror series, Reaping Sorrows, after meeting him on a film set in LA. The chance meeting came when Nick was filming his first documentary ‘Clingfilm’, with Edward claiming the vocalist’s ‘intense demeanour’ drove him to create a character based on Nick for his second novel.

Edward said: “As I worked, I realised that my concept of this character was missing a certain depth. The character was missing some vital essence that prevented him from becoming real. “That’s when it hit me. I didn’t want a character like Nick; I wanted Nick as a character.”

The author reached out to the musician, who said he was taken aback by the offer. “At first I didn’t know what to think,” Nick said. “I was delighted that someone would want to use me as a character in a book, but it was also quite surreal. “But I read his first book and thought it was brilliant, so obviously I agreed.”

The new book is a continuation of Edward’s first title, Dark Harvest, which follows characters as they deal with the horrific aftermath of the ‘Rapture’, where demonic creatures roam the countryside and are bent on the extermination of mankind.

Edward said he was “thrilled” with Nick’s response. “My perception of who Nick J Townsend is and how he would react in these horrific situations made me nervous as I sent off my manuscript for him to read,” he said. “Needless to say I was quite pleased with his reaction.

“In fact, what I had originally intended to be a small role grew until he became one of the central characters in the novel”.

“Nick is fun to write and I am very humbled to have him in my little world of horror.”

To make the character as close as he could to the real person, Edward tried to capture Nick’s mannerisms and the way he spoke.

Nick added: “The first draft had Nick talking a bit more like a cockney than in my Black Country accent, but the end character is more like me than I thought it could have been. “I don’t want to spoil it for people, but I’m now really excited for them to read the book and see if I survive to the end.”
Reaping Sorrows is now available to buy in both paperback and as an eBook on Amazon
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