Von Hertzen Brothers announce new single “All Of A Sudden, You Are Gone”


Finland’s legendary Von Hertzen Brothers’ return with a new album “Red Alert in the Blue Forest” in March 2022, their first release since 2017.  Released today, the first single, “All of a Sudden, You’re Gone”, is a 7-minute opus which soars from gentle acoustic ballad to dramatic orchestral finale. Setting the tone for the whole album, the single is vast in its scope, both musically and lyrically, and features an epic, mystical compendium storyline video shot in Finland over winter.

Kie Von Hertzen says, “We shot the video in Virkkala, a one-hour-ride west from Helsinki, in this old chalk factory, which was shut down in the mid 90´s. Shot in December 2021 over five days with only 5 hours of daylight per day, temperatures of -15c and no electricity at the location.

I totally fell in love with the place; its deteriorated character with countless intriguing spaces, wind howling through its rusty corrugated iron roof sheets, its enormous proportions and this weird sadness lingering over its abandoned soul. It instantly communicated withthe melancholy of the song an also gave a robust contrast to the song’s soft sensitivity.”

“Red Alert in the Blue Forest” is a stunning album. The sounds, rhythms and melodies of the album reflect the brothers’ unique upbringing – both musically and personally. Weaving in the mysticism of Finnish folklore and the countryside they grew up immersed in, the album track “Northern Lights” actually features distinct and rarely heard sounds of the Aurora Borealis as captured by Professor Unto K. Laine (https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/847977) Musically hard to categorise, drawing on elements of rock, folk, progressive and pop, “Red Alert in the Blue Forest” is an album that is dazzling in its scope.

Album pre-order is available now.There are a number of bundles and options – including a strictly limited, not reprinted, double vinyl album edition printed in red and blue with gatefold sleeve and a digipack CD.

Pre-order bundles are available to see HERE