Vomit Angel – Imprint of Extinction LP/CD


Formed in 2014 out of the remains of Sadomator and Sadogoat,Vomit Angel bring unto us their first full length. Nasty and nauseous, murky and mirthful, featuring 20 tracks – 1 of which is hidden – between 18 seconds and four minutes, Imprint of Extinctionis a ruthless, relentless, grinding and bruising slab of unforgiving bestial nastiness. Of the tracks, those between 18 seconds and up to about a minute in length are tightly clenched bruisers, usually spliced with sounds of something being cut up or of someone barfing. After a four count and 2 seconds of “riffing”, ‘Defecation’ is someone taking a dump. The longer tracks are outright savagery, many a brutal riff colliding in the dark and bloody atmospherics, Vomit Angel proving themselves dab hands at crafting some fine barbarity.

We. Are. Evil…

Lord Titan hits the drums very hard. Yes, he does. And without mercy. Yes, he does. Necrodevil hits the guitar very hard. Yes, he does. Even managing to churn out many a menacing riff in the meantime. Yes, he does. And from somewhere between the two of them emerges a very nasty vocal, Necrodevil taking the lead in producing many a shapely splurge and splat and indecipherable bile-laced ejaculation. Together, they make a horribly pleasing racket.

A grim, grimy, slimy, slaveringly savage debut, having waited 5 years for this to appear, 2019 will also see the release of the Cacodemon split 7″ with blackgrind comrades Satanik Goat Ritual. And I would wager that’s going to be messy too.

Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Concussion
  3. Ancient Heritage
  4. Hobo in the Woods
  5. Vomit Angel
  6. Untitled
  7. S.G
  8. Satanic Eelhead
  9. Petard
  10. Hollow Earth
  11. Poisoned Dreams
  12. The Sabbath of the Goat
  13. Vestfyen Classic
  14. Unearthed Skull
  15. Freeing to Death
  16. Guinea Pig
  17. Defecation
  18. A Brutal Meeting
  19. Surprise
  20. Raped by the Horny Goat (Hidden Track)