Videos of the Week – Avatarium + Mortiis + The New Black + Serenity + Queensryche


Compiled by David Waterfield


Avatarium – Pearls And Coffins

A new video from their recent album ‘The Girl With The Raven Mask’

Mortiis – The Shining Lamp Of God

The second single from their upcoming album ‘The Great Deceiver’ released on March 4th.

The New Black – Long Time Coming

The new single and video from the German hard rock band, released last weekend.

Serenity – Follow Me

The Austrian symphonic metal band return with a new video taken from their forthcoming album ‘Codex Atlanticus’ scheduled for release on 23rd January.

Queensryche – Eye9

A new video taken from last year’s ‘Condition Human’ album..

Lecherous Gaze – New Distortion

Lecherous Gaze hail from Oakland California and this is a spooky new video to a track from their digital album ‘Zeta Reticuli Blues’, available via Bandcamp.


David Bowie – Blackstar

The world is a less colourful place without the brilliance of David Bowie. ‘Blackstar’ is a dark, surreal, complex and sometimes disturbing video but its powerful and utterly compelling. He was an enigmatic, cool, creative genius right to the end…