Vengeance – Crystal Eye


Review by Lisa Nash

Vengeance are a Dutch band who have been in existence for 30 years now. Leon Geiwie, Kerri Kelli, Chris Glen & Chris Slade also make up Steel Circle, a AC/DC tribute band. This CD also includes guest appearances from Michael Voss and Timo Somers (Delain).

It features a short recording of a guitar solo by Jan Somers, the original guitarist who died suddenly 28th January 2011, aged 46, from a heart attack, guest guitarist Timo is his son. This recording was the last recording made before his death.

Many of these songs can be described in the same way, Me and You, Bad to the Bone, Shock Me Now, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Desperate Women and Whole Lotta Metal are all exactly what you would expect when an AC/DC tribute band make a record. In other words, it sounds like someone trying to be AC/DC. The 3rd track is still AC/DC but its bizarre, Barbeque has to be spoof lyrics – its just so strange.

The last 4 tracks of the CD are different, and if there was this variety throughout, then it would be far better. Promise Me is a ballad, Bon Jovi would be proud of. Crystal Eye ventures into the epic storytelling style of metal and Missing is a typical power ballad with added Spanish guitar. The CD ends with the aforementioned guitar solo, Jan’s End Piece, just over a minute of widley guitar as a tribute to the late Jan Somers.

I am not saying the tracks are bad, its just if I want a tribute to AC/DC I can listen to Airbourne and it’s a shame, because the end tracks show there is a lot more this band can offer.