Vane – The Cannibal


Polish groove/melodic death metal pirates from VANE have just dropped a music video for a new single called “The Cannibal”.

It’s the third single from the band since the debut album “Black Vengeance” was released. Robert Zembrzycki (guitars) on the new material: “This time we wanted to explore the darker aspects of the rough lives that the seafarers of old endured. The Cannibal is a journey into the madness of a mind deprived of sustenance, and the musical atmosphere of this song is only fitting.

The song is a continuation of a history that has started on the last single, “Row, Ye Scallywags!”. VANE takes us to the deserted island with a bunch of lost sailors struggling to survive unfortunate circumstances. The story captures pure madness that starts after days of having nothing to eat. Robert Zembrzycki: “When it comes to video, we stuck with the dark theme. In order to boost the feeling of character’s disconnect and derangement and make the viewer feel part of the action, we decided on a very minimalistic approach, thus making the story all the more personal. It’s an unsettling video that shows what happens if you starve for too long.