Toundra – El Odio, Parte III


TOUNDRA are enchanted to be releasing ‘El Odio, Parte III’, the third and last part of their 22-minute-long piece ‘El Odio’ off of their new album HEX. For the video of ‘El Odio, Parte III’, the band once more collaborated with Asturian director Jorge Carbajales again.

The instrumental outfit are just as excited to be announcing the launch of the full short film El Odio on January 10th (1PM CET) via Youtube.

HEX is available as Ltd. Edition CD, 180g Gatefold LP (incl. the album on CD) and as Digital Album. Click here to pre-order the album now.

Track listing
1. El Odio. Parte I (8:07)
2. El Odio. Parte II (6:44)
3. El Odio. Parte III (6:53)
4. Ruinas (5:01)
5. La Larga Marcha (5:50)
6. Watt (7:50)
7. FIN (4:57)
HEX will be released on January 14 via InsideOutMusic

See Toundra live at the following dates
15.01.2202 Inverfest, La Riviera, Madrid.
22.01.2022 Nau B1, Granollers, Barcelona.
29.01.2022 Gernika, Iparragirre.
11.02.2022 Sevilla,Sala X.
12.02.2022 Málaga, La Trinchera.
18.02.2022 Granada, Teatro Caja Granada.
19.02.2022 Córdoba, Hangar.
29.04.2022 Zaragoza, Las Armas.
30.04.2022 Barcelona, Apolo.
13.05.2022 Murcia, Sala Garage Beat Club.
14.05.2022 Valencia, Sala Moon.
20.05.2022 Pamplona, Tótem.
21.05.2022 Orozko
17/18.06.2022 ADN Festival, Zamora.
03.07.2022 Viveiro, Resurrection Fest.
22.07.2022 Kanekas Metal Fest, Cangas Do Morrazo.
23.07.2022 Castelo Rock, Muros, Galicia
31.07.2022 Low Festival, Benidorm