Tigertailz @ The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – Wednesday 27th November 2013


Review & photos by Mark Lloyd

Despite recent changes to their lineup, Welsh glamsters Tigertailz are back with a vengeance as they make a pit stop at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on their 5 date 2013 tour.

After a brief time away from the ‘tailz, drummer Matt Blackout re-joins founding member and guitarist Jay Pepper, frontman Jules Millis and bassist Rob Wylde to complete the line-up of what can only be described as a newer more “hungry” Tigertailz.


There’s already a good turnout at the Slade Rooms when the guys take to the stage to perform the good ‘ol classic Tigertailz tracks alongside some of their newer material off the eagerly awaited ‘Knives’ EP; their first new material for nearly 6 years.

Right from the off, singer Millis was in fine fettle and singing like a man possessed, belting out “Sick Sex” and “Hollywood Killer” much to the appreciation of the crowd. From here on in the performance seemed to go from strength to strength. Some people may have said that the Tigertailz of old were no longer able to cut it, but I beg to differ and so did the crowd.

More of the old school favourites followed ‘Living without You’, ‘Bite the Hand’ and ‘Love Overload’ before we were all treated to some tracks off the new EP. Despite being new material ‘One Life’, ‘Shoe Collector’ and ‘Punched in the Gutz’ still had that classic ‘Tailz 80’s sound and feel about them. Complete with the big guitar riffs and the hugely infectious sing along choruses that every hair metaller loves.


The whole way through the set Millis’ vocals are well polished and there was a solid rhythm section now that Matt Blackout is back in the fold. What can be said about the man on the axe, Jay Pepper, other than he’s like a man possessed when you put a six string in his hand.

More crowd ‘sing alongs’ followed with the highlight so far being ‘Tear Your Fucking Heart Out’. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Twist and Shake’ off the ‘Bezerk’ album followed which for many was the pinnacle album of Tigertalz’s career.


Sadly all good things do come to an end and no Tigertailz show would be complete without the anthemic ‘Love Bomb Baby’ which had everyone straining their voices to sing along as loudly as humanly possible.
Jay Pepper said “Despite being ‘punched in the gutz’ a million times and suffering more setbacks than most people experience in their lifetime, we’re back!” If this show was anything to go by, they most definitely are back!

1. Sick Sex
2. Hollywood Killer
3. Living Without You
4. Bite The Hand
5. I Can Fight
6. Love Overload
7. One Life
9. Heaven
10. Twist and Shake
11. Punched In The Gutz
12. Call Of The Wild
13. Star Attraction
14. Shoe Collector
15. Love Bomb Baby

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