Theodicy – Torture Of Industry


Although they formed in 1998, it took 14 long years for Weisswasser’s Theodicy to release their debut album (Cost Of War). However, since they leapt that hurdle this Saxony mob have become an unstoppable force, and their third album, Torture Of Industry, finds them sharpening their weaponry, and launching a full-on sonic assault. Certainly not for the faint of heart, Torture Of Industry is the soundtrack to a world perishing in global warfare, and it’s a record which finds Theodicy scaling uncharted heights.

After a brief spoken word intro Theodicy get straight down to business with skull-crushing opener ‘Comment & Conquer’. It’s a beauteous beast that seems to emerge from the very depths of hell; the vocals are suitably gruff and emanate as if from a fire-breathing dragon while the drums are programmed with metronomic precision, ensuring each beat hits like bullets from a pump action rifle. However, what really sets Theodicy apart from the pack is their lyrical bent. While their peers sing about zombies and fantasy horror, Theodicy turn their attention to everyday terrors: the intrusive nature of social media (‘Comment & Conquthe explosive title track), deep ecology (‘Abscess Human’) and vapid celebrity culture (the title track). This focus on reality adds another layer of heaviness to an already weighty sound, and the two combined conspire to leave the listener beaten and stupefied (but in the best possible way, of course).

Theodicy are a band who like to mess with your expectations, and while the post-apocalyptic sleeve that houses this album suggests a genetic offering, Torture Of Industry proves to be anything but. Take a closer look and you’ll find sinewy corpses glued to their mobile phones, and it’s a cover that perfectly encapsulates today’s society. I’d draw comparisons between Theodicy and bands such as Suffocation, Immolation and (latter-day) Death, and while this German crew haven’t reached the same level of technicality as those bands, you feel it’s only a matter of time until they step up and match, or possibly surpass, what’s gone before.

Musically, Theodicy play old school death metal that incorporates elements of hardcore and thrash, and the result is a volatile, highly inflammable mixture. The sirens that herald the arrival of ‘The Truth’ are only the preliminary jabs, but when the band kick in all hell breaks loose and Theodicy proceed to swing like a huge wrecking ball. The sonic shifts and tempo changes constantly reposition the listener, as do the blast beats on ‘Raise The White Flag’ and likewise, the emergence of clean vocals on the aforementioned ‘Abscess Human’ throws you in a hex. All this makes for a kaleidoscopic listen as the band prove themselves a multifaceted beast which, in turn, provides an interactive experience as you re-evaluate the sound which explodes from your speakers. Subsequently, the 51 minutes that comprise Torture Of Industry pass in the blink of an eye, and before we know it we’re at clamorous closer ‘Godeater’, but there’s still time for an unexpected sting in the tail.

Handling “the difficult third album” with apparent ease, Torture Of Industry finds Theodicy riding an upward curve, and this could be the record that puts them on the global metal map.

Track List:

  1. Comment & Conquer
  2. From Alive To Skeleton
  3. The Truth
  4. Raise The White Flag
  5. Abscess Human
  6. Torture Of Industry
  7. Rapture
  8. Last Strike
  9. Resource Desire
  10. Hateful World
  11. Bread And Circuses
  12. Godeater