Theia – Theia II EP


Review by Paul H Birch

Fresh-faced Burton-on-Trent power trio Theia sound like they’ve been listening to their granddad’s Black Sabbath collection as they dish up some beefy slabs of riffage among the three tracks here. That they’ve the sauce to add some unexpected melodious singing over it all is an appealing combination to these ears. They hook and swing in sweetly vocally from the get-go on ‘We’re Alive’, its repetitive riff nicely punctuated by a tight snare drum before it all gives  way to a guitar solo scaling down the fretboard until they stomp back collectively and surge on to the song’s conclusion. Mid-paced chord driven ‘From the Streets’ is big on harmonies, football style chants and classic “whoah-whoahs” but some fortunately brief over-busy guitar proves distracting. The cheating love of ‘Anybody Else’ wherein the guitar twists do work rolls over a slow chugging riff with lead vocals swaggering and backing vocals chiming in well.

Theia II 2013

Early days for a young band that could have both rock and pop crossover appeal if they continue to grow and develop. Give them a listen, and if you like what you hear try and catch them live.

6.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. We’re Alive.
  2. From the Streets.
  3. Anybody Else.



  1. 6.5 is a bit harsh !! This is a very good EP and may I reiterate, live they are brilliant. See them at the Sitwell Tavern in Derby doing a headline set on Saturday Oct 18th !!

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