Theia – EP 1


Review by Tosh Davies

Theia EP

Nothing like starting ‘em young, these guys are not old enough to drink, drive or vote. What they can do however is rock as hard as any established band on the live circuit today. This first EP is a real find, well produced and giving you a sample of what’s to come from these three testosterone-fuelled teens. There are no ballads either, which is a good thing, as you can’t write erection section smooches about love and sliding it in until you’ve seen your first set of bare breasts up close and personal. I’m sure these guys will be seeing their fair share in the coming years as rock stardom awaits. ‘Video Memories’ has a deep fat bass line with vocalist/guitarist Kyle Lamley performing both duties with excellent results. Three tracks of hard rock dripped in the past but looking to the future, an excellent start. It’s good to see such young talent blossoming and playing such mature music for shoulders so young. Impressive stuff from the Burton youngsters. Now go and stock up on some jonnies lads, I think you’ll need them!

7 out of 10

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Track List:

  1. Video Memories
  2. Society On Mute
  3. Strike a Pose



  1. A great review of one of the best EPs I’ve heard in years, not only that these boys pull it off live as well. They are well worth the effort of getting out there and seeing them live.

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