The Treatment + Cage The Gods + Piston @ The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton – Saturday 8th February 2014


Review by Peter Keevil, Photos by Lisa Billingham

Fast rising Cambridge hard-rockers, The Treatment, are on a short UK tour to dish out their medicine on a wet and windy Saturday night in Wolverhampton. Promoting their recently released second album, Running With The Dogs, The Treatment pull in a respectable 250+ crowd, all through ticket pre-sales, as there were few ‘on-the-night’ visitors with weather like this. Uriah Heep were also headlining just down the road in Bilston, so Black Country hard rock fans were spoilt for choice.


Openers were local Cannock-based (there aren’t too many bands that say that), hard rock quintet, Piston. They are building a fair reputation within the MR team and I could see why. Guitatrist Jack Edwards is the weapon of choice, throwing the shapes and looking suitably moody behind a shock of bed-head hair. It was drummer Brad’s birthday, and he was up for the party, a mass of twirling sticks, jumping up and roaring the crowd on to greater heights whenever the opportunity arose. Vocalist Steve Nunn, has a fine set of pipes but appeared to take a few songs to really let himself go. Hopefully the reception the crowd gave Piston will help him gain the confidence to own the stage.

I wasn’t overly familiar with song titles but standout tracks included a new one called ‘My Time’, a great reworking of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic, ‘Proud Mary’, and set closer ‘Misery’.

These guys are not far off the money; as with all bands at this stage in their career they need fine-tuning and be prepared to tweak and tinker to get it just right, paying attention to the detail that separates a good local band into a good national band and beyond…

They are currently writing a new EP, so I look forward to seeing where they take us with this one… as should you.

1. Bad To The Bone (Intro)
2. Dark Angel
3. Playing With Fire
4. My Time
5. Leave If You Dare
6. Proud Mary
7. Misery

Purchase Playing With Fire EP here

Cage The Gods
Cage The Gods

Cage The Gods are another band pricking the ears of the rock scene. And rightly so off the back of a fine EP and incidental tracks like ‘Bruce Willis’. Drawn together from the 4 countries of the UK, they cut a great hard/classic rock tune.

Unfortunately tonight, guitarist/singer Peter Comerford is definitely struggling with illness and despite his best efforts it takes the shine off of their otherwise good performance. Those killer 3-part harmonies are a soon-to-be CTG trademark that sets them apart in a hard to break-through market, so it was a real shame to not catch them at their best.

Their debut album is imminent and if it improves on their excellent Favourite Sin EP, then I am more than happy to wait until their return to the Midlands, in good health.

Purchase their ‘Favourite Sin EP here

1. Badlands
2. 1000 Times
3. Bruce Willis
4. Favourite Sin
5. Sacrifice
6. From the start
7. Promises

The Treatment
The Treatment

There’s an old adage in the music industry about how hard it is to follow up on a successful debut, so whether The Treatment’s, Running With The Dogs, proves to be that ‘difficult second album’ remains to be seen but from early reports and constant plays here at MR Towers, I doubt these young (but so experienced) lads will even miss a beat as they continue their steep trajectory to global rock n roll stardom.

Hot off another high-profile support tour with Airbourne late last year, these 5 young men dish out their medicinal elixir with the brash in-your-face confidence of youth that is as infectious as one of those OMG full-blown puss and spore conditions only seen on Embarrassing Bodies or late night on Channel 5.

These guys have more hooks than a Cenobite bondage party at Halloween and they lavished them on a hungry crowd in Wolverhampton. Each member plays their part, a whirlwind of movement and crowd engagement, mouthing the words along with vocalist Matt Jones.

New boy guitarist, Jake Pattison looks like the bastard son of Ronnie Wood. You can see that he still has a little way to go to learn his stage craft but musically he is a great fit.

The Treatment
The Treatment

If there is the one small criticism to put to Laurie Mansworth’s protégés then it is that Jake looks a little isolated stage left. All the action happens to Matt Jones’ right with bassist Swoggle and guitarist Tag more than at home on the Slade Rooms stage. And while Jake does earn his chops a simple remedy would be to swap Tag and Jake over so it balances out the maelstrom of movement.

The Treatment are surely on the cusp of something big, they toured the last album for 2 years and nobody got bored. Working in this new collection of fine upstanding anthems will ensure that the guys don’t see the spires of Cambridge for some time to come.

1. I Bleed Rock + Roll
2. Drink Fuck fight
3. Don’t Look Down
4. Get the Party On
5. She’s Too Much
6. I Fear Nothing
7. The Outlaw
8. Just tell me why
9. Emergency
10. The Doctor
11. Running with the Dogs
12. Departed
13. Shake the Mountain
14. Nothing to Lose but Our Minds

15. I Want Love

You can read our interview with Tagore Grey here.

Purchase Running With The Dogs here.

See more of Lisa’s photos here;


  1. Peter, by and large couldn’t agree more with your review. Despite Comerford’s illness they put on a good show and you can see why they’re being hailed so highly. Might help if Jake either (a) smiled or (b) looked like he was enjoying himself! Bought the Cds from all three bands. My prediction is that CTG will overtake TT within a couple of years.

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