The Temperance Movement – Pride EP


Review by Paul H Birch

For a group formed when a Glaswegian commuted down on the train to London The Temperance Movement sure as hell sound as if they washed up Moses style along the banks of the Mississippi River.

With guitars crunching down solidly then picking out country licks to deliver some raunchy old town blues funk, you’d be forgiven for thinking opening number ‘Ain’t No Telling’ was an unearthed legendary recording of Joe Cocker fronting Humble Pie. Follow that by listening to the gospel rock of radio hit ‘Only Friend’ and you’re set for a good weekend.

‘Pride’ heads into a mellower early Eagles/Jackson Brown territory while borrowing the pre-chorus to David Coverdale’s ‘Northwinds’; then we’re back with guitars played loud for the gut bucket blues of ‘Be Lucky’ while ‘Lovers & Fighters’ begins like a medieval romance until a pedal steel and twanging lead guitar weave in and out of each other for some rather chilled Southern Comfort county rock. Sustain this kind of diversity while packing in a few more belching rockers across a whole album and listeners are in for a treat.

The Temperance Movement – Pride EP7 out of 10

Track listing:

  1.  Ain’t No Telling
  2.  Only Friend
  3.  Pride
  4.  Be Lucky
  5.   Lovers & Fighters



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