The Quireboys – This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll II (Reissue)


Exactly as good as it was 13 years ago

Review by Ian Savage

Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Release date: 23rd October 2014

Releasing reissues in the midst of a present-day winning streak can be a risky business. The obvious intent is to bring older output to the attention of newer listeners and possibly entice long-standing fans to re-buy material with the enticement of remastering and reworkings of their favourite tunes; The Quireboys‘ re-release of 2001’s ‘This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll’ objectively ticks both boxes, offering a remastered rendering of the original LP and a few 2014 re-recordings of some cuts from their breakthrough A Bit Of What You Fancy album.

A potential downside is that rather than sit alongside the current output the reissue may serve more as a ‘making of’ documentary for the modern fully-formed current creative unit. Parts of TIRNR2 fall fully into this trap: the verse of the opening title track comes across like a prototype version of ‘Troublemaker’ from their latest release; ‘Searching’ displays a musical rough-cut of the ‘boys more finely-honed recent ballads; ‘C’mon’ hints at a direction they could have gone in had they not shaken the more blatant Slade influences from their collective writing.

This is in no way to say it’s a bad album; it’s exactly as good as it was 13 years ago (despite ‘Coldharbour Lane’s possibly ill-advised reggae dabblings), and if you don’t own it but have a taste for blues-edged dirty rock ‘n’ roll, you should. The re-workings of a handful of tracks from their debut are worthy additions, with added polish from modern production and the instrumental slinkiness that only playing a tune live for twenty-odd years can bring – if you do already own both LPs, think long and hard before parting with your cash, as it would almost certainly be better spent on a ticket to see them live next time around.

7.5 out of 10

That’s if you don’t already own it; if you do own it, 6 out of 10

Quireboys - This is Rock n RollTrack listing: 

  1. This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll
  2. Show Me What You Got
  3. Searching
  4. Six Degrees
  5. C’mon
  6. Seven Days
  7. Taken For A Ride
  8. Coldharbour Lane
  9. Turn Away
  10. To Be
  11. Enough For One Lifetime
  12. It’s Alright
  13. Never Let Me Go
  14. Hey You 2014
  15. Misled 2014
  16. 7 O’Clock 2014
  17. There She Goes Again 2014