The Midlands Rocks story of 2013 – in numbers


By Peter Keevil, Editor-in-chief

Midlands Rocks

It’s a quiet New Year’s Eve daytime. The kids are playing, the coffee is brewing. So just for fun, I thought I’d take a little look at some stats for Midlands Rocks. I’m not sure what they tell us. I don’t know if they are good or bad. I don’t even have them from last year to compare against.

They just are.

Numbers are fine I suppose, its one way of measuring things but what these figures don’t do is express the emotion that this fine art form that we call rock n roll brings to us and whether we have managed to capture that emotion through our writing, interviewing and photography.

One of the stats says that over 80,000 people have passed through our website over the last 12 months. Hopefully, they will have read, listened, viewed and enjoyed our work and will come back again.

Let me know if you were one of them.

117,000 visits by 80,500 people, reading over 280,000 pages

2,522 articles posted

KK Downing & DeanTop individual pages:

Most popular website sections:

  • Gig Guide
  • Album reviews
  • Gig Reviews
  • Venues
  • News

Types of article:

  • Radio Shows: 90
  • News Items: 1,500
  • Album reviews: 552
  • Gig Reviews: 240
  • Features & Interviews: 244

Gig photography (since Nov 2009 ‘cos Flickr stats are shite)

Social Media:

Most active contributors: (since Feb 2012)

  • Jason Guest
  • Brian McGowan
  • Peter Keevil
  • Woody
  • Tony Gaskin
  • Chop
  • Paul Quinton
  • Paul Castles
  • Sean Larkin
  • Paul Broome
  • Paul Birch



  1. Interesting stats there Peter. I,for one,look forward to seeing that Midlands Rocks Update in my inbox and treat it as a magazine which arrives in daily instalments. I also realise that I had read all of the “Top Pages” you listed.
    The standard of journalism is high, the fact that the radio shows can be listened to at my own convenience (and the Underground/unsigned Show is presented by a good friend) and the album/live reviews are current and usually thoughtful and fair, means that as far as I am concerned you are doing one hell of a good job. Keep up the good work and all the very best for 2014 .

  2. Like you say Peter, numbers are what they are, however they look pretty damn good to me! Congratulations to all the team from THEIA, and the very best for 2014!

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