The Hip Priests – Full Tilt Bullshit


Review by Hetty

From the album title, the garish bright red n black splatter vinyl to the excellent (read rude) sleeve that contains it, you can tell that the dictionary owned by Nottingham’s The Hip Priests is missing the word “subtle”. They have, however, underlined heavily the words “raw”, “catchy” and “loud” a lot though.

This is the sort of music that Iggy should still be making; it’s the direct descendent of The Stooges Raw Power, with a smidge of Stiv Bator’s Dead Boys and a healthy dose of New York Dolls. All played with the ferocity of Motorhead.

Having shared stages with the likes of the Black Spiders and The Jim Jones Revue, The Hip Priests sit neatly in that gap bridging those two outfits – not metal, not whatever the hell Jim Jones is these days. They’re carving their own niche – Garage punk n roll.

New shoutist Nathan is more than a match for the outgoing vocalist Gary X Ray whilst new (ish) guitar wielder, skinny as fuck Austin Rocket, can thrash away a la Johnny Thunders and turn in some very sexy solo work to boot.  The rhythm section of Skintight Tim on drums and Lee Love on bass is tighter than a duck’s arse and the whole album reeks of a band having fun, fun, fun. (How can you not have fun playing a song called Outta My Head (Into Your Pants)?

Songs about sex, self abuse, booze and more sex are here in abundance with perhaps Gang of One being the best three minutes Glenn Danzig never wrote. In fact on more than one occasion they sound eerily close to Walk Among Us era Misfits (no bad thing), specifically the shout along whooaahs sprinkled liberally throughout the album. Terminal Lust, the album’s closing track, deserves to be massive. It’s got more groove than a very groovy thing indeed. This needs radio play, and lots of it.

The Hip Priests are the ultimate party band, the aural equivalent of John Belushi’s Animal House; debauchery, excess and the embodiment of CBGBs cool but with a Nottingham accent. Me duck. They may be a band out of time but in an era where every other band is a Suicide Silence clone that makes what they’re doing very different.

Full Tilt Bullshit is a great record from start to finish with no let up, no pause for breath, just half an hour of speed fuelled rock n roll. Just how it should be…

Rated 9 out of 10


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