The Guttercats – Whiskey Avenue EP


Review by Paul H Birch

Coming on like a gang of car factory workers decked out in tinsel, the Guttercats’ agenda is to entertain. It’s more pub rock with a twinkle in its eye than the glam metal they claim but it has a certain charm.

Each and every one of the songs on this EP celebrates geezers having a good time on a Friday night with title track ‘Whiskey Avenue’ taking pride of place; guitarist James churning out a Heavy Metal Kids style rock and roll rhythm while Andy Guttercat invites us to come and get sloshed. There’s a choice of ‘Drunk’ and ‘Sober’ versions but both feature amusing low-brow lyrics throughout and a nifty guitar solo half way through.

‘Who’s She Killing’ has an appealing Buzzcocks’ vibe while the very title of ‘Mile High’ tells us where it’s heading lyrically as the band kick in with a riff or two half-inched from some NWOBHM 7” vinyl offering.

The Guttercats’ ‘Whiskey Avenue EP’ has an endearing homemade quality right down to its cartoon cover. That it’s not only done with genuine love by those involved but that it’s something you might want to actually play now and again (though maybe only to a selected listeners with the Drunk Version) means it gets a thumbs-up!

6 out of 10

guttercatsThe Guttercats Website:

The Guttercats:

Track listing:

  1. Whiskey Avenue (Drunk Version)
  2. Who’s She Killing
  3. Mile High
  4. Whiskey Avenue (Sober Version)


  1. My apologies for the typ in the last paragraph. Please ignore the “a” within the brackets of the last paragraph. It should read: (“though maybe only to selected listeners with the Drunk Version)”.

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