THE FAR NORTH announce their second single “Runaway”, taken from the forthcoming album “Songs for Gentle Souls” – Released on Friday 20th November 2020


Following on from the success of their debut single “This House Is Ours”, UK based Americana duo The Far North announce the release of their second single “Runaway” on October 9th 2020, through Red Lantern Records.

“Runaway” is described by The Far North singer/songwriter Lee Wylding as “A little vignette about leaving the past behind and starting fresh with the ones you love”.  Lee continues “It’s written in the vein of a 70’s road movie, via early Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young”.

The Far North formed in 2019 as Lee Wylding (Vocals/Guitar) and Andie Packer (Drums).

The band’s ethos is “To go back to a traditional way of crafting songs, where every lyric is wrought out, every drum beat and guitar line is played from the heart.  In turn making the songs meaningful and of value.  We wanted to make an album which can be played in full at once,  rather than just cherry picking the best songs and releasing 10 singles.  This approach isn’t something at the forefront of popular music in 2020.”

To realise this vision The Far North hired revered UK producer Nigel Stonier, who is famed for his work with such luminaries as Lindisfarne, Joan Baez, Robert Plant and Martha Wainwright.  Recorded at Manchester’s Airtight Studios, their debut album “Songs For Gentle Souls” will be released through Red Lantern Records on November 20th 2020.  They were additionally supported on this journey by The Analog Music Fund.

Steeped in influences from the 1960’s and 70’s, The Far North are actively contributing to the burgeoning UK Americana scene and have already enjoyed airplay from radio stations in the UK and globally, including BBC 6 Music (Chris Hawkins), Regional BBC, and Liverpool Live 247 (Billy Butler).  Their debut gig was at Old Trafford Stadium in March 2020.

‘Songs For Gentle Souls’, their debut album will be released on Friday 20th November 2020.

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