The Closed Circle – Live, Shine & Die



Released on 6 May 2016 through Inverse Records, head-banged to by Angie K

I enjoyed this. A lot. Hearty hard/heavy rock with memorable melodies, professional instrumentation and angelic vocals: simply good stuff. Spain’s The Closed Circle sound interesting enough to catch my attention from the very first notes, and managed to keep it throughout the entirety of this their debut album. Considering the more or less mellow nature of this album, the opening track ‘My Life After You’ gives you the correct expectation that this is going to be an exemplar of heavy, yet melodic, rock.

The explosive riffs and steady rhythm sound very promising for a band that is only just making an appearance on the rock business horizon. The music then goes on with ‘Something To Cry For’ which is characteristic for the overall style of the CD: catchy tunes, clear leading vocals backed up by really decent harmonies and background chorus. Even for a first-time listener, it is impossible not to start singing along.

The Closed Circle present us with well composed, thoroughly thought through, classically structured rock. A typical example is ‘The Lie’: building up to the main tune, with a perfect chorus, definitely worthy of heading the rock charts material. If promoted appropriately, this has the potential to go viral. I love the composition of this song, and I feel like playing it over and over again. Good stuff. Same with ‘Be My Faith’ where the sync between keyboards, drums and vocals gives it a romantic taste, while the music is still hard enough to make it a perfect rock song as opposed to a cheesy pop tune.

Live, Shine & Die is so easily digested that it lies on the borderlines between hard and pop rock. Typical example: ‘Fear Of Happiness’ – just a lovely song. Or ‘Lilth’s Kiss’ – speedy, energetic, Billy Idol-like. Or ‘Shining Girl’ – again, fast-paced but equally melodic, making you sing along, want to dance even (so not metal-like…), and only a few minutes later – nod/bang your head (typically metal-like).

In terms of references, there aren’t really many of them. As popular as this particular genre is, the band has somehow managed to find their own style and not copy anyone. There is a bit of Faith No More, a bit of an alternative taste (for instance, in the perfect ballad ‘Fear Your Tears On My Chest’) played in a Nirvana-like spirit. ‘The Art Of Losing’ is my personal favourite from the more lyrical tracks. Perfect rhythm, touched to perfection composition and soaring guitar solo: this is The Closed Circle’s signature sound.

The Closed Circle – Live Shine & Die9 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. My Life After You
  2. Something To Cry For
  3. Fear Of Happiness
  4. The Lie
  5. Be My Faith
  6. The Art Of Losing
  7. Shining Girl
  8. Love Or Die
  9. Lilth’s Kiss
  10. A Quiet Man
  11. I Feel Your Tears On My Chest