The Calling ft. Alex Band @ KK’S Steel Mill, Wolverhampton – Friday 14th February 2020


After a long hiatus, some of which saw him battling illness when diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s, Alex Band has resurrected The Calling and kicked off 2020 with a lengthy tour around the UK and mainland Europe – the first for the band since 2004. It was a small but appreciate crowd that greeted Alex and his trio of supporting musicians at KK’s Steel Mill, a venue that has quickly risen to be one of the most popular in the region after only being open for a relatively short period of time.

The Calling were responsible for some of the most defining pop rock anthems of the early 2000’s with songs written by Alex when he was a teenager and it seems hard to believe that their career stuttered to a halt after just two albums as they seemed set to fill arenas for decades to come. All of that is now in the past and it was pleasing to report that not only was Alex in great shape and looking fit and healthy but his trademark voice has lost none of its appeal and he engaged with the crowd at every opportunity.

A long instrumental intro to “One By One” kicked off the show before Alex joined the band on stage and long lost favourites soon followed including “Adrienne”, “Our Lives” and “Could It Be Any Harder”. A mid set interlude saw Alex left alone to deliver delicate and heartfelt acoustic versions of “Things Will Go My Way” and “Euphoria” which were ideal showcases for his terrific voice. Guitarist Travis faced a daunting task on the cover of Santana’s “Why Don’t You & I” (on which Alex originally sang) but did a great job and all too soon the irresistible hook of “Wherever You Will Go” was ringing out across the venue as the set drew to close and there was time for an encore of “Anything”. Earlier in the evening Alex promised that a new album would follow later this year and if he can stay healthy there seems every chance it won’t be another sixteen years until we welcome him back to the UK.


One by One
Our Lives
Could It Be Any Harder
Stand Up Now
Things Will Go My Way
Why Don’t You & I
Thank You
Wherever You Will Go