The Afternoon Gentlemen – Still Pissed 2012-2015


I demand to have some booze!

Regurgitated by Give Praise Records on 1 July 2016 and swallowed whole by Jason Guest

Once more thrusting their 100%-proof toxin down our throats until, 41 tracks later, we are pissed, incoherent, and bathing in puke, The Afternoon Gentlemen bring unto us their second discography collection all of their splits, singles and their full length albums released between 2012 and 2015. Punk, hardcore, grind, spazz, and cartoon-esque, an orgy between Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Napalm Death, Wormrot and The Dead Kennedys, this is nothing less than mirthful malice, its seductive gaze and charming way with words coercing us into quaffing upon it until the world swims before our bleary eyes, our words slurred, our reason blurred and the senseless making sense, somehow. It doesn’t matter. We won’t remember anything in the morning, should we rise any time before noon of course…

8 out of 10The Afternoon Gentlemen – Still Pissed 2012-2015

Track list:

  1. Grind In The Mind
  2. Mind On The Grind
  3. Still By The Still
  4. The Outsider
  5. Down And Out
  6. Swirl Night
  7. Pogo Till You Drop
  8. War On The Poor
  9. Too Late
  10. Bottling Up
  11. Till The End
  12. Lidney
  13. Grindcorpse
  14. The Monster
  15. Grind Is Music
  16. Drain The Dregs
  17. Shut Up
  18. Booglechrist
  19. Children Of The Grain
  20. Time Gentlemen Please
  21. Dustbin Banquet
  22. Second Chance
  23. Dry
  24. Waste Of Flesh
  25. Concrete Plant
  26. Oranjeboom
  27. 3 Hammers
  28. T.T
  29. Doins Head
  30. Bin Lurker
  31. Hungry
  32. Scum Of The Earth
  33. 4_4
  34. Neocrust 0 Powerviolence 1
  35. Kill A Banker
  36. Poggy Trou
  37. Booze Gel Hell
  38. Get Fucked
  39. Nuclear Terror
  40. Let’s Stink
  41. Piss Artist