Suzi Quatro @ Civic Hall, Wolverhampton – Thursday 16th November 2023


Celebrating half a century since ‘Can The Can’ scaled the summit of the charts, Suzi Quatro delighted the crowd at Wolverhampton Civic with a performance of classic hits, recent songs and well-chosen covers. This was an old school show where the aim was to make sure everyone from the front row to the very back left feeling entertained, and after more than two hours there was no doubt that Suzi and her eight-piece band strained every sinew to deliver precisely that.

Sporting a double denim look for the first set, Suzi led the band into ‘The Wild One’ and they were soon into their stride, with early highlights including ‘Daytona Demon’, ‘Stumblin’ In’ and ’48 Crash’ . Even when the hits dried up, Suzi has enjoyed a varied career that took her from seventies glam rock to acting, directing, broadcasting and writing, but it was clear she still feels very much at home on stage. A recent collaboration with KT Tunstall has led to the Face to Face album with both ‘Shine A Light’ and ‘Overload’ highlighting the strength of the creative partnership between the pair. The first half closed in sentimental mood with Suzi alone at the piano for ‘Can I Be Your Girl?’, a song she dedicated to her parents.

With Suzi appearing in her trademark leather catsuit for the second half, ‘Motor City Riders’ and a cover of ‘Bad Moon Rising’ made for an explosive start. And after showing her prowess on the bass with a thumping solo, she moved to the drum kit to engage in a duet for the unmistakable intro to ‘Can the Can’, the point on the show where the audience were finally moved to their feet, followed by a rollicking ‘Devil Gate Drive’. A poignant ‘Desperado’ closed out a terrific evening with Suzi once again proving she is about much more than just barnstorming rockers. Half a century later, and with no thoughts of settling into quiet retirement, Suzi Quatro remains the undisputed Queen of Rock and Roll.

Set 1:-
The Wild One
I May Be Too Young
Daytona Demon
Tear Me Apart
Shine a Light
Stumblin’ In
48 Crash
No Soul/No Control
The Devil In Me
Slow Down
Rockin’ in the Free World
Can I Be Your Girl?

Set 2:-
Motor City Riders
I Sold My Soul Today
Bad Moon Rising
She’s in Love With You
Too Big
Glycerine Queen / Bass Solo
Can the Can
Devil Gate Drive

If You Can’t Give Me Love
Sweet Little Rock & Roller

Encore 2:-