Godz ov War Productions – Round-up feat Stillborn, Warfist & Excidium


Born again….

Godz ov War Productions brought together a couple of early demos from Polish protagonists Stillborn for a combined release on January 15, 2018. Paul Castles looks for signs of life.

Those with their ear to the ground of the Polish extreme metal scene will already be familiar with Stillborn who have now been with us for around 20 years. The good news for this feral bunch is that their merciless and destructive path is set to reach out to an even wider audience on the back of some recent releases. Mirrormaze and Die In Torment 666 is a double reissue of the aforementioned two EPs, brought together for this release in which you get 17 sonic slabs shred over an insane 45-minute ballistic barrage. Mirrormaze was Stillborn’s debut demo back in 1999 while Die In Torment 666 followed on two years later.

With such satanically charged operators the Stillborn ship is always going to encounter stormy waters. So a few faces have come and gone with the hardy singer Killer the sole surviving original member. Stillborn perform throughout at breakneck speed. These aren’t the kind of dudes to slow down at corners either. The tempo is relentless, the ambiance hotter than a fire throwers’ convention and the blasphemous barbs sufficient to turn your average priest’s cassock to dust.

Fronted by man-mountain Killer, the shaven-headed vocalist is clearly intent on living up to his name, with his take no prisoners approach. The vocals snap and snarl and feature more aggressive bites than your average canine care home. Hunger shovels the sound along with his steak size bass lines with drummer August spinning his sticks at a frenzied demonic pace as he inflicts such a beating on his beleaguered kit you’re almost waiting for it to raise the white flag.

The tracks are captured here in the original raw format and raging blackened battle cries such as ‘Die in Torment,’ ‘Molestation’ and ‘Blasphemous Pervesion’ give you an insight into what Stillborn are all about.

The band have a new mini album out this month called Crave For Killing, also on Godz ov War Records. The prolific Polish label have presented fans of the extreme underground scene to first familiarise themselves with an injection of the original Stillborn at a point in their burgeoning career when they were so raw they almost had to go back in the oven. This venomous double-pronged nihilist onslaught is delivered via a limited 300 CD run each blessed with 12-page booklet.


  1. Crave for Killing
  2. Hefaystos
  3. Die In Torment
  4. Nailed Hessus
  5. Mirrormaze
  6. Morphine Laboratory
  7. Stillborn
  8. Artror City
  9. Molestation
  10. Iconoclast (Mirromaze Era version)
  11. Keep Dying
  12. Blasphemous Perversion
  13. Whore
  14. Millenium of Hatred
  15. Blood, Chains & Whips
  16. Iconoclast (D.I.T.666 Era version)
  17. God Is Good


More Polish purgatory from Warfist and Excidium,  with the split release Laws of Perversion & Filth, spat out as another gift from the Godz on January 15, 2018 

Another split release via Godz ov War features an unholy marriage between Polish powerhorses Warfist and Excidium with each band contributing four songs. The quartet from Warfist whizz past in a blaspheming blur with each song only lasting two or three maniacal minutes, beginning with some barbed wire riffage on the throbbing ‘The Tomb of Desire’. Warfist are all leathers and studs and this joint release is their first since their own album Metal To the Bone came out last year. The guitar work here is sharp enough to grate cheese, the introduction of drums heightens tension before the snarling vocal swipes of Mihu add a scarcely human touch to this heathen setting. Following songs such as ‘Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)’ and ‘Sadistic Whorefuck’ will not see the trio invited to sign up to the #MeToo campaign any time soon. What they do though is pin your ears back to your scalp with some venomous thrash before signing off at a less furious pace with a rendition of Dodheimsgard’s ‘Angel of Death’.
Excidium exhibit a little more discipline while losing none of the rough as eggshell edges.  Their first bodyblow is inflicted by ‘Suicidal Perspectives’ which has a throbbing riff pattern that would melt the heart of a witch. ‘Denial’ ups the aggression levels, as Excidium show a bit more bite while still retaining some pulsating riff strokes while Thot’s drum attacks give you blisters just listening to it. ‘Veil of Stagnation’ has a Metallica-esque intro before the feral force returns with a flurry of up-tempo riffs. Cuntreaper’s vicious vocals dart in and out like an adder’s tongue while the guitars spiral off towards the end for some indulgent fun. A hellish squeal signals the start of the Impaled Nazarene cover ‘Karmageddon Warriors’, a breakneck closer to half an hour’s worth of Polish punishment.
  1. Warfist – The Tomb of Desire
  2. Debauchery (Dirty Little Bitch)
  3. Sadistic Whorefuck
  4. Angel Death (Dodheimsgard cover)
  5. Excidium – Suicidal Perspectives
  6. Denial
  7. Veil of Stagnation
  8. Karmageddon Warriors (Impaled Nazarene cover)