Steve Hackett @ Symphony Hall, Birmingham – Tuesday 14th September 2021


Steve Hackett and band finally returned to Symphony Hall this week for the much delayed Seconds Out and More tour that saw the second set entirely given over to Genesis’ 1977 double live opus that still regularly appears near the summit of “all-time best live albums” lists. The scheduling meant that just a week after the guitarists show in Birmingham playing the best of Genesis in the 70’s, his former band mates will themselves be in the City next week with a show that will no doubt be based around their success in the 80’s and beyond.

Steve Hackett

Hackett has been prolific during the time away from live performance with the release of not only his autobiography but two studio albums, the acoustic and entirely instrumental Under a Mediterranean Sky and this months Surrender of Silence. The first set was drawn from his solo work, including mainstay ‘Every Day’ and two new songs – the powerful ‘Held in the Shadows’ and Gothic-flavoured ‘Devil’s Cathedral’, both of which evidenced Hackett is still writing superb songs and at the top of his game as a guitarist. As always the band are flawless, this tour made up of Roger King, Rob Townshend, Jonus Reingold, Craig Blundell and the wonderful Nad Sylvan on vocals.

Steve Hackett

The second half is where Sylvan really shone, his voice having the characteristics of both Collins and Gabriel whilst at the same time adding his own inflections. The band stuck faithfully to the running order of the original double album (aside from ‘The Musical Box’ which was performed as the full version) and so the show contained all of the key moments from the early years including of course the show-stopping ‘Suppers Ready’. The production and clarity were as perfect as we have come to expect from Symphony Hall, the recreation of the lights from the album cover received a terrific reception from the crowd. The whole evening saw a warmth between band and audience that has perhaps grown even stronger during the time away, with everyone appreciating nights like this just that little bit more. This was both a celebration of the past and the return to live music we have all been craving for so long. As always the encore saw ‘Los Endos’ bring to a close what was a glorious evening for all.

Steve Hackett


Clocks – The Angel of Mons
Held in the Shadows
Every Day
The Devil’s Cathedral
Shadow of the Hierophant

The Carpet Crawlers
Robbery, Assault & Battery
Firth of Fifth
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
The Musical Box
Supper’s Ready
The Cinema Show
Aisle of Plenty

Dance on a Volcano
Los Endos