Spinefarm Records Singles: Amaranthe + Toothgrinder + Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown + Broken Witt Rebels


All these singles are out right now – woohoo!

Words by Woody

Amaranthe – Maximise (Remix)

The original version of ‘Maximise’ was featured on the bands last album Maximalism which was released over a year ago. The original version had a strong dance style backing and energy but was very metallic at the same time with a powerful heavy rhythm section alongside driven sharp metallic guitar riffs. This remix sees the metal elements completely removed and it’s now purely a dance / trance version of the song, personally it removes everything I loved about the original and is instead chuck full of nonsensical DJ flourishes even that addictive chorus is lost in a swirl of trance over indulgence.

The original was vastly superior and instantly addictive with a mesmerising and unforgettable chorus that got stuck in your head – I suggest you avoid this remix and track down the original single version! Unless of course you dig remix’s that feature odd noises and trance elements, but for all its simplicity the original version didn’t need messing with!

Toothgrinder – Let It Ride

‘Let It Rock’ is a stoner rock anthem, with an infectious groove that will appeal greatly to genre fans. It’s more commercial than the vast majority of that genre’s offerings to my ears and with a decent blues fuelled vocal making them stand out amongst their low-slung brethren. Some simple vocal hooks announce the chorus and keep the song alive in your memory. It’s well worth checking out if you’re someone who considers themselves a classic rock fan and if you like stoner bands akin to Queens of the Stone Age, you’ll be drooling all over this track

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown – Backfire

‘Backfire’ is a mid-tempo modern blues song with an insistent chorus. It’s not an obvious or overtly catchy song but it does have a slow burn hook to it and a chorus which sneaks up on you and stays with you – especially after repeated spins. Nothing ground breaking but for those who like bands pushing blues rock boundaries whilst hanging onto its core principals this song will definitely get you excited. (And yes, I know that’s not the song in the video above, but can you find it anywhere?)

Broken Witt Rebels – Wait For You

I was really struck by this track which features some wonderfully emotive and soulful vocals. It combines a few rock styles and elements to formulate a unique sound, which is undeniably very British despite some obvious American blues influences. While the band have a blues sway to them they are more alternative sounding and have a lot more in common with The Killers than Robert Johnson! The track is ultra-catchy, filled with emotion not just from the evocative vocals but also from the stirring guitar licks and the musical landscape the band have created. If you like bands like the aforementioned Killers and Snow Patrol these guys should appeal to you and the blues/soul touch to their style should make them intriguing to rock fans in general! A young band with an exciting future methinks based on this impressive single.