Son Of A Bad Man – Here’s to falling in……


Review by Kimberley Easton

I must admit, I had never heard of this band till I started this review. I done some searching online for some background stuff and previous records and what I found was quite interesting. The band,(who hail from Jacksonville, FL and made up of; Shawn Fisher: Vocals, Guitar. Jordan Allen Davis: Guitar, Vocals. Brett Barley: Bass, Vocals. Brad Moxey: Drums) like most others out there, were broke but they were passionate about the music and started a KickStarter Campaign and asked fans to donate some money to help them produce and record the album, hoping to raise $2000 for it, they actually managed to get over $4000 in donations, some dedicated fans out there, guys. This album is a follow up to their 2010 self-titled EP which never seen a physical release.

The opening track on the album, ‘Can’t Have You’ is a great track to start with and really shows the talent that they own. With raspy, Rod Stewart-esque vocals and great guitar riffs, and awesome drumming techniques, it gets you excited to hear the rest of the album. The next song, ‘Idea of Me and You’ is a fun, upbeat summery love song. The vocals move away a little from the raspy ones we heard before, and they can be very repetitive in places, but that isn’t a bad thing. It works really well. “Miracle Jet” Is one of the slower songs on the album, along with ‘Die Alone’, ‘Over It’ and ‘Nobody Tells You ‘Bout Goodbye’ and they all portray real emotion and heartbreak with the vocals. They pull you in and are rather depressing songs, but the other songs on the album soon cheer you up. A few songs really stand out for me on the album, ‘Love Like Mine (feat. Runner Runner)’ with the opening a soft whistle, followed by an upbeat, awesome riff with shouty type vocals. It just makes me smile. A nice, feel-good song. ‘Soldier With A Song’ shows the country-side of these boys, back with the raspy vocals and the awesome riff once again. It has a real country feel to it, and once again, showcases the talent these boys possess. And lastly, ‘Harvest (feat. Jordyn Jackson)’ the contrast between the different vocals is just brilliant; they work so well together and it’s such a beautifully sung song. The slow, melodic vibe with female vocals from Jordyn and the gentle strumming of the guitar is just stunning. Easily my favourite track on the album. Once the song has finished though, don’t turn off as we are given a hidden track to listen to. It’s a nice, slow relaxed number, thanking all the people who made this album a reality and be where it is now. The other two songs on the album; ‘Shrug It Off’, which shows a bit of comedic values within the lyrics and ‘I Still Do’ really shows the talent within the drumming and the riffs. The vocals are nice and clear throughout and this album has a really feel-good vibe and makes me want to smile, even if I am feeling down! Such a great debut. I honestly can’t think of a bad thing to say about these guys, they’ve worked hard and produced an amazing album that I am sure the fans would be extremely proud of. Well done.

Track listing:

1. Can’t Have You
2. Idea Of Me And You
3. Miracle Jet
4. Love Like Mine (feat. Runner Runner)
5. Over It
6. Shrug It Off
7. Nobody Tells You ‘Bout Goodbye
8. I Still Do
9. Soldier With A Song
10. Die Alone
11. Harvest (feat. Jordyn Jackson) (plus Bonus hidden track)



  1. Well said! These guys really are talented and just a nice group of guys. As a fan I can say…. We love them.

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