Soilwork – The Living Infinite


Review by Julian Handley

Nuclear Blast Records

Much has been made of the departure of Peter Wichers, guitarist, song writer and heartbeat of Swedish melodic death metallers Soilwork, so it is with anxious poise that I prepare to witness the wares of The Living Infinite. Wow! Plain and simple. What a masterpiece, the enormity of this effort is quite literally off the scale. Having been on lock down for the last two years has been just the tonic for the band and their fans alike. Messrs Karlsson, Andersson, Verbeuren, Coudret, Flink and Strid have been collaborating in overdrive, conjuring up enough material for a double album. So it is with a great belief and gleaming pride that this release is packed to the gunnels with a colossal twenty tracks.

Strid’s vocals are in peak form, spitting, snarling and screaming one minute, the next blissfully drenched in rich melody, this guy has got all the notes. The guitar riffs are crunching heavy, yet tantalisingly commercial. The opening track ‘Spectrum of  Eternity’, with its enchanting intro lulls you into a false sense of security, rapidly discarding its gentle orchestral strings, and ripping into a frenzied whirlwind, comparable in parts to Children of Bodom. ‘Momentary Bliss’, would be an obvious choice of a single release with its swirling keys, duelling with Strid’s Jekyll and Hyde vocals, a perfect harmonious evil. The diversity of light and dark, soft and heavy, angry and mellow are impeccably capsulated in an album of stunning depth. There isn’t a single duff track or filler to be had on The Living Infinite leaving any potential doubters firmly answered of the question, “Is there life after Peter Wichers”?  A resounding “Hell Yeah!” can be heard echoing around the world from the melodic death metal masses.

Soilwork - The Living Infinite 20139.5 out of 10

Track listing

Disc 1:

  1. Spectrum of Eternity
  2. Memories Confined
  3. This Momentary Bliss
  4. Tongue
  5. The Living Infinite I
  6. Let the First Wave Rise
  7. Vesta
  8. Realm of the Wasted
  9. The Windswept Mercy
  10. Whispers and Lights

Disc 2:

  1. Entering Aeons
  2. Long Live the Misanthrope
  3. Drowning With Silence
  4. Antidotes in Passing
  5. Leech
  6. The Living Infinite II
  7. Loyal Shadow
  8. Rise Above the Sentiment
  9. Parasite Blues
  10. Owls Predict Oracles
  11. Stand Guard



  1. Was a massive gamble releasing an album with over 20 tracks!!! Thankfully its a fine piece of work, always been a fan!

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