Slutvomit – Copulation of Cloven Hooves


Six (six six?) years ago, thrashing blackened deathened power-trio Slutvomit’s debut ejaculation ejaculated into the world (reviewed here). Violent and vile, the band’s unholy entrance was – and remains – a ruthless and relentless barrage of underworldly and unsettling barbarity. Almost six (six six?) years to the day and Slutvomit’s second ejaculate is to be ejaculated into the world. Violent and vile, the band’s number two is – and will remain – a ruthless and relentless barrage of underworldly and unsettling barbarity.

Intense and suffocatingly dense, the atmosphere is dark and biting, and with little to no breathing space across the nine naughty tracks, each as ferocious as the last. Wrist-breaking riffs and manic lead breaks are bashed to bits by the brutal battery of the drums and spat on by bilious and barking vocal ejaculate, each weapon simultaneously destroying the others while fortifying their power one salvo after another. And while it would be easy for this – or any – band of bastards to imitate 80s prime movers Slayer, Morbid Angel, Sadus, and Possessed, Slutvomit have long been breathing deeply the toxic fumes that emanate from this evil body of work and crafted a nuanced slab of obstinate obsidian. Not one bad track. Not one whiff of inauthenticity. As far as slut’s vomit goes – or any form of ejaculate for that matter – this is as pure as pure can be.

With black metal’s popularity ever on the up, embraced by many a pretender to the charred throne of naughtiness and disobedience and fierce individuality, Copulation of Cloven Hooves arrives as a blunt and brutal attack on those that would dare take its name in vain. So come closer, dear devotee, dear pretender. Dare stare into the black hole from whence nastiness and wickedness and waywardness and mischief and malevolence are emitted. Slutvomit want to see just how trve you really are.

Track list:

  1. Command for Triumph/Genocide Lust
  2. Endless Graves
  3. Scythe of Mass Damnation
  4. Copulation of Cloven Hooves
  5. Baphomet’s Call
  6. Evil Commands You
  7. Total Possession
  8. Sepulchral Dawn
  9. Acolyte of Death’s Destruction