Slash + The Treatment @ Capital FM Arena, Nottingham – 28 February 2013


Slash 2013

Review by Tosh Davies

This must be the last leg of the Apocalyptic Love Tour for Slash with this, only one of two dates on the UK mainland. It was good to see Nottingham arena was close to a sell-out – on a school night as well – the mix of old and young was almost a half/half split.

The Treatment are no strangers to a big stage having recently toured with Kiss and Mötley Crüe in the USA. Since the first time I saw them they have changed to become an unrecognisable band. Their sound and performance remain intact but they have received some dodgy image advice which I feel is making them look a little uncomfortable. Matt Jones on vocals is a formidable frontman with a voice reminiscent of Tesla’s Jeff Keith’s raspy rock overtures. ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Departed’ have that kick ass rock anthem feel, the crowd responding well. Still a relatively young band, The Treatment I’m sure will be here for a few years to come, with this sterling performance they certainly won over many new admirers.

*RANT TIME* If you go to gigs regularly, I’m sure like myself, you’d have noticed the increase in the glow emitting from the little LED screens. It’s quite simple, if you want to watch the whole fucking gig from a three inch screen when it’s being played in front of you in glorious 3D then stay the fuck at home and watch it on YouTube! *RANT OVER* (Ed: erm… you okay, Tosh?)

Slash requires no introduction, he’s influenced many people to pick up a six string and learn to spank the plank. Myles Kennedy is the singer for the new generation, a true professional and stunning vocalist, together it’s a match made in Rock ‘N Fuckin’ Roll Heaven. No frills, no fire just five men and a lesson on how to deliver a rock show. The top hat remains in place all through Slash’s many solos, he runs around the stage as the hat defies gravity and Myles delivers vocal nectar. With some G’N R classics sprinkled into the set it puts the latest incarnation of Guns to shame. The classics like ‘Night Train’ ‘Welcome to The Jungle’ and ‘Your Crazy’ with Sin City Sinners man Todd Kerns on vocals are rapturous. They were written for a five piece and played as a five piece, without a keyboard or oboe in sight (Mr Rose should take note). ‘Civil War’ has to be the highlight; Myles reaches the highs other frontmen can only hope to remember. Apart from the set stumbling with a long drawn out rambling solo for ‘Rocket Queen’ it’s a gig to remember. The band are obviously enjoying themselves feeding off the energy of the packed out arena, ‘Anastasia’, ‘Back From Cali’ and ‘Shots Fired’ slot in well amongst the classics getting furious applause. Ending on ‘Paradise City’ Slash educates the masses on time keeping and a masterful delivery ensuring that his status as a guitar god remains intact.

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