Skies In Motion – Dreamer (EP)


Review by Matt Bradley

If you live in the Midlandsand you’re into modern metal, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of Skies In Motion. They formed in 2010 but in late 2011 debuted their new vocalist and abandoned all of their previous material. Since then, they’ve gigged up and down the country and garnered quite the following from their live shows alone; without releasing a single second of music. It’s fair to say this EP is well anticipated and, boy, does it ever deliver?!

The four track begins in an uncompromising fashion with the crushing Vagabond, which offers multiple tempo changes without sacrificing an ounce of heaviness. House of Dreams follows with its traditional metal-esque intro, followed by NYHC two-step sections; being unafraid to make genres collide is part of what makes this band great.

Adam Connor is known for being an intense vocalist onstage, and his voice on record is just as rage-filled. The backing vocals provided by guitarist Andy Shaw are few and far between but the silky smooth delivery of his sung lines really compliment Connor’s screams. Shaw and fellow six-stringer Peter Wright both have fantastic low-end tone which make the mixture of hardcore beatdowns and melodic metal riffs crisp and clear. The bass, handled by Lou Adlington, is subtle in its greatness. Whilst not overbearing like on so many modern releases, it sits perfectly in the mix and provides the groove that makes your head nod. Sam Gaines is responsible for the drums on this record and in music that could easily be held together by simple, solid beats, Gaines really steps up and delivers interesting patterns as well as some remarkable fills, without taking attention away from the rest of SIM.

Lyrically, ‘Dreamer’ is all about inner strength and pushing on through the tough times to get results. It is inspirational metalcore, with the message driven home through the use of straight up language mixed with the occasional intelligent metaphor. The live favourite which Connor has been known to describe as being about ‘making the best of having a shit life’, Hardships, is the penultimate track and ever-present set closer Glaciers (with crazy gang vocal section at the beginning) wraps up the EP… and what an EP it is.

8.5 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Vagabond
  2. House of Dreams
  3. Hardships
  4. Glaciers