Sevendust – Black Out The Sun


Review by Raymond Westland

Asylum Records

Like many bands that had their two minutes of fame during the nu metal insanity Sevendust struggled to stay relevant. While  Home (1999) and Animosity (2001) can hold their own against anything released in those days, albums like Seasons (2003), Next (2005) and Alpha (2007) are mediocre at best. Fast forward to 2013, because with Black Out The Sun Sevendust may have released their most inspired effort in a decade or so..

It’s not that Sevendust have changed their style all too radically. Rather, the band opted to give songwriting formula a much needed update. The results are quite stunning, because Black Out The Sun is arguebly the most well-rounded Sevendust in ages. It’s a classic case of all killer and no filler. Tracks like ‘Faithless’, ‘Cold As War’, ‘Dark AM’ and ‘Nobody Wants It’ can easily rubb shoulders with any track from their self-titled debut album, Home and Animosity, generally considered the best albums from the band.

Sevendust’s ace in the hole reminds the soulfull and powerfull vocals by Lajon Witherspoon, often in tandem with the rough vocals from drummer Morgan Rose. Lajon’s vocals gives the band and the album the edge over their contemparies. This combined with their uncanny sense for memorable hooks and catchy chorusses make Black Out The Sun such an outstanding album. Other recommend listens are ‘Picture Perfect’, ‘Deacy’ and ‘Mountain’.

Frankly, it took me quite a while to let my cynicsm about Sevendust go and give this album a far chance. I’m glad I did though, because Black Out The Sun is one killer album and a musical highlight in the band’s ongoing career. Brilliant!

Sevendust – Black Out The Sun9 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. Memory
  2. Faithless
  3. ‘Till Death
  4. Mountain
  5. Cold As War
  6. Black Out The Sun
  7. Nobody Wants It
  8. Dead Roses
  9. Decay
  10. Dark AM
  11. Picture Perfect
  12. Got A Feeling
  13. Murder Bar