Serpentfyre / Dolentia – Split 7″


Two great bands, two great tracks, one outstanding split release.

Serpentfyre 2016 SplitFools shall be made of us all on 1 April 2016 through Altare Productions, the spectacle beheld by Jason Guest

Formed 2012 and with their debut album Bestial Mysticism appearing last year, Finland’s Serpentfyre bring us the first half of this split, ‘Kointähti’. Translating as ‘Morning Star’, there’s no light at all across this six-minute spectral landscape. With the extended intro establishing an ethereal atmosphere, in the mid-paced section that follows, the harsh vocal that spits its bile over the spiralling riffs is as venomous as it is raging. One minute later and the tempo shifts into the high gears for a savagely cacophonous blast of belligerence that is melodic, majestic and fucking furious.

Dolentia 2016 SplitFormed 2004 and with two full length albums, four splits and a couple of demos to their name, from Portugal, Dolentia’s track ‘Servo Além-Dor’ is raw. The riffs are heavy and forceful, the shrieked vocals are drenched in torment and fury, the drums are hammering, and the atmosphere is dense, intense and remorseless. When the track slows for the extended mid-section, the funeral depths of the music open wide and the mystical abyss calls. A disturbing, distressing and fire-fuelled expedition, this track is astounding.

Altare Productions have bestowed upon us a gem with this evil alliance.

8 out of 10

Track listing:

  1. Serpentfyre: Kointähti
  2. Dolentia: Servo Além-Dor