Satan’s Wrath – Aeons of Satan’s Reign


Review by Jason Guest

Metal Blade

Like death and taxes, it’s a certainty that every Motörhead review you ever read will begin with the line, “three things in life are certain: death, taxes and Motörhead,” or some minor variation. It appears that Satan’s Wrath wish to incur the same kind of response. Album number two from the bastard-brainchild of ex-Electric Wizard bassist Tas Danazoglou and guitarist Stamos K is exactly the same as their debut, Galloping Blasphemy (reviewed here). Okay, well perhaps not exactly the same, but Venom, Motörhead, Slayer, Possessed, Iron Maiden, etc. still underpin the band’s blackened, deathened, heavey-ened metal. And considering what we have here, the 13 worldwide Satanic covens that the band had in their control but a year ago have served their masters well and delivered unto them evilness in incalculable measure, such is the potency of the dark undercurrents beneath the bark of this beast.

Reverberating chants, no doubt the sound resounding in one of their many places of worship, open the album. Drums tumble in, savage chords emerge menacingly from the barbed wire guitar strings, Danazoglou growls, and Satanic devotion manifest in heavy metal magnificence is unleashed. Yep, ‘Only Satan Is Lord’. Search your feelings. You know it to be true. And if there be the merest shadow of doubts in your blackened heart, the ‘Angel of Death’-like scream midway through the track will soon cast them unto eternal darkness. Throughout the album, riffs gallop and tear, drums drub their deafening rhythms with not a blast beat in sight, the bass grumbles along moodily in the low end, punctuating the riffs with as much melody as they do misery, the lead guitar ejaculates its venomous bile in short bursts of fury, and Danazoglou’s hellish, almost black metal vocals bring down the skies in flame-born fury.

The band now a five-piece with Chanel-perfumed, hand-knitted underwear-donning guitarist V, bassist Costa, and drummer Nathan Perrier condemning the tracks to eternal life, Danazoglou and K’s band has become flesh. Such a terrible beast of such terrifying proportions, Satan’s Wrath look set to claw their mark into the face of metal once and for all. Like death and taxes, only one thing is certain (other than Motörhead of course): Satan’s Wrath. May his devilish dander dominate for aeons to come.

Satan's Wrath - Aeons of Satan's Reign8 out of 10

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Track listing:

  1. Only Satan Is Lord
  2. Die White Witch Die
  3. Archfiend
  4. Ecstasies Of Sorcery
  5. Satn’s Blood, Lucifer’s Fire
  6. All Of Us Witches
  7. Lives Of The Necromancers
  8. Aeons Of Satan’s Reign