Satanic Threat – In To Hell


Review by Jason Guest

Hells Headbangers

Rapid riffs, dirty d-beats, and blasphemous lyrics, the side project of members of Midnight and Nunslaughter takes 80s punk and hardcore, eschews its social criticism and replaces its message with anti-christian loathing. Comprised of eight studio tracks that total about ten minutes and eight live tracks that take up about thirteen minutes, what better way to open such a short album with a confession? ‘Guilty of Hating Christ’ is hyper-speed hell punk of the finest order, as is ‘He’s On The Cross’, and for that matter so is the rest of this 7inch album. Taken from the only gig the band ever played in September 2008, the live tracks are, as you’d expect, pretty awful quality. Matched by the consistent buzz from the crappy backline, it’s the high energy of the performance and the audience interaction that gives them their appeal. If you ever wondered what a fight between Venom and Minor Threat would be like, this is right up yours.

7 out of 10

Satanic Threat - In To Hell

Track listing:

  1. Guilty Of Hating Christ
  2. He’s On The Cross
  3. Small God, Big Cross
  4. Satanic Threat
  5. I Ain’t Gotta Worship
  6. Being Black
  7. Cursing At The Cross
  8. Don’t Follow Him
  9. He’s On The Cross (live)
  10. Small God, Big Cross (live)
  11. Satanic Threat (live)
  12. I Ain’t Gotta Worship (live)
  13. Being Black (live)
  14. Cursing At The Cross (live)
  15. Don’t Follow Him (live)
  16. Steppin’ Stone (live)