Satanic Ripper – Southern Black Spells


Evil, chaotic, unrestrained and majestic…

Review by Jason Guest

Blood Harvest (Website; Bandcamp; Facebook)

Release date: 22 June 2015

A Church organ, a demonic gurgle, and then a Chilean blend of black, death and thrash metal – or “Evil Grave Metal” as the band would have it – courtesy of Satanic Ripper spills forth. Filthy and furious, violent and vile, the opening track alone bleeds hatred and scorn. Where ‘Sexual Schizophrenia’ is as twisted as its title, the ludicrous speed riffs, maniacal lead work, and frenzied drumming as insanely vicious as the vocal, ‘Blood Magick’ drags the tempo down partway through to add a more ceremonial feel to proceedings. And after that, well, Southern Black Spells continues to draw deep from the darkness to create a densely atmospheric and coarsely textured piece of work.

Ragged, raging and ripped to bits, originally released in March 2014 and to be released through Blood Harvest on vinyl, with distorted guitars and bass lines that fart like Beelzebub with the bellyache and unremitting drum lines in their armoury, Satanic Ripper sit well amongst their Chilean counterparts who worship the old and defy the new. Evil, chaotic, unrestrained and majestic, there may be very little new or different to the album but the execution is a cut above. A more-than-worthy addition to the collection.

Satanic Ripper – SouthernBlackSpells20157 out of 10

Track Listing:

  1. The Flight Of The Witch
  2. Sexual Schizophrenia
  3. Blood Magick
  4. Chalice, Altar, Spell
  5. Insane Satanic Screams
  6. Satanic Ripper
  7. The Call Of The Moon
  8. Walking With Evil Spirits
  9. Open The Grave
  10. Offer Your Soul
  11. The Vengeance Of The Dead



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