Sanguine – Live


Review by Will Harris

Following the release of their first, self-titled full-length in February as well as summer shows including slots at Download and supporting Megadeth, female-fronted alt-metallers Sanguine give us a free taster with new download-only EP, ‘Live’. As implied by the title, the release features live renditions of two selections from the February album as well as three all-new tracks.

As most EPs should, ‘Live’ showcases the variety of the band’s current repertoire, in this case flitting between the melodic and the visceral in equally-satisfying measure. When frontwoman Tarin Kerrey’s throat-searing vocal first rips in ‘Simplify’, it does so with a power that’s simultaneously brutal and engaging, while the tongue-in-cheek ‘Bangkok Nights’ jumps between a punishing thrash-punk maelstrom and catchy breaks. The more sensitive ‘Days Outnumbered’ might not strike the same blow as Sanguine’s heavier numbers, but shows a distinct capability to diversify; ‘From Home’ is an eerie, minimalist track a la Alice In Chains, while EP-closer ‘Paradise’ brings the power back with a groove-heavy head-nodder.

If one thing’s to be gleaned from the variety throughout ‘Live’, it’s this: Sanguine have the potential to be the one of the most exciting, uncompromising and enthrallingly unpredictable metal acts since System Of A Down.

Rated 8 out of 10

Sanguine’s ‘Live’ EP is available here


  1. I saw these guys at Megadeth, Download and at the Boston Music Hall this year. Download and Boston they were incredible, at the Megadeth show the singer said she had a throat infection and I’ve got to admit they didn’t sound like they did at the other 2 shows so maybe thats why? I don’t know. As far as being dated, I don’t really get that as there are so many new bands who are styling themselves on 80’s hair metal or similar older revolutions. Music always does that – emo/hardcore and all the ‘new’ styles are all just re-hashed old styles anyway. What I like about this band is that they don’t sound like the usual girl fronted bands like Nightwish etc. The album is one of the most unpredictable albums I have in my collection and I personally can’t place them in terms of who they sound like because Kerrey’s voice is so unusual. Maybe ‘System of a Down’ is a good comparison in that they are also unique and hard to place. They get my vote anyway. At Boston they ripped the roof off!! One of the best live shows I’ve seen this year.

  2. Sorry but this is nowhere near an 8. I saw them supporting Megadeth when they played these songs and they sounded dated. A bizarre experience for a new band. There was little new and nothing impressive about their set because they are 15 years too late and too young to be convincingly “retro”. It sounded like it was their first gig and not one of their songs displayed the “potential” that you mention. Geffen aren’t signing bands like this anymore, and for good reason. As for the SOAD comparison – a weak band at best – Sanguine pale in comparison simply because they are too derivative to be original. An apt band name indeed…

    • I think there’s a certain amount of speculation required in an EP review – it’s only a snippet of where that band is at that time, so I think sometimes you have to look as much at what the material could lead to as the material itself. Though I’ll admit I didn’t gel with the album immediately – with the exception of the strength of Kerrey’s voice – after listening to the five tracks a few times, there were some strong elements that I really connected with.

      It’s perhaps fair to argue that they might be 15 years too late, but at the same time I don’t think style/genre (or being ‘retro’) should be restricted by your age. As for being derivative, for me they actually stand out from a lot of female-fronted metal bands – it’s rare nowadays that you get such a band who can find a respectably heavy spot between the blandness of groups like Lacuna Coil and doom metal extremity.

      As for their live performances, I can confess that I haven’t had the chance to see them, so I couldn’t make any judgement on that.

      Thanks for the comment Jason, a bit of debate’s healthy I think! :)

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